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Dearest Survivors, we’re hot off our five nominations at last night’s BAFTA Awards, and past me writing this is very hopeful we won (*Editor’s note: Vampire Survivors won two BAFTAs, including best game). Regardless, we’re here today with a lot of good news and just a pinch of bad news. 

Which would you like first? The bad news? Great!

We regret to inform you that we’re going to turn your 100% complete save file into a regular old save file once more. We know. We’re sorry. 

Thankfully, we’re also here with some very good news to ease the pain. Our second DLC is just a couple of weeks away. We hope you enjoyed your journey to aid the Moonspell Clan in the alps of Japan in our first DLC, because we’re about to send you back to school in the upcoming Tides of the Foscari expansion, launching on April 13.

A Quest Through an Enchanted Wood

In Tides of the Foscari, our story takes us to the rolling hills and wooded lands of Western Europe. We were heavily influenced by fairy tales and folklore, which whisper warnings to not step too close to foreboding woods.

The Great Forest is home to all manner of magical beasts, spellcasters, demi-humans, spirits, demons, angels, and the kinds of things you might not want to meet when your lantern flickers out. Here, the barrier between worlds is perilously thin, but there are those who traverse the woods to reach what lies at its center: The Foscari Academy.

You wouldn’t think that parents of the world’s elite would be eager to send their progeny into danger just to get an education, but The Foscari Academy is no mere school. Here, the next generation of warriors, scholars, and leaders learn what it takes to be masters of their crafts.

The Academy’s enormous facade tells a tale of generations, with each era putting its own mark on the sprawling building. The different architectural styles of the ages, taking influence from cultures across the world has created a hodgepodge that is curious and unique, but also a bit disconcerting to the senses.

The Academy, like many traditional schools of Western Europe, is divided into houses. The Azure Tower molds hedge witches and novice mages into formidable sorcerers and warlocks. Here, those skilled in the arcane, along with non-magical folk, can learn natural sciences and the art of diplomacy. The Azure Tower touts the world’s most powerful witches and wizards and its most skilled healers and academics as its alumni.

The Crimson Anvil turns brute strength into finely tuned masters of warfare. But even those who don’t have the might (or the intestinal fortitude) for battle have much to learn here. Engineering, architecture, demolition, and blacksmithing are all the purview of the Crimson Anvil. 

And finally, the Amber Sickle, is the house of the quiet professions. These noble pursuits include accounting and agriculture, animal husbandry and archery. But if you pay close enough attention, you may catch a glimpse of a student practicing spycraft in training for a career in espionage. There is little fame for students of the Amber Sickle, but their work is felt worldwide, nonetheless.

There’s so much more to Tides of the Foscari, and some of you don’t have to wait to play it. We’ve sneakily set up our machines at WASD in London this weekend with the new DLC. In fact, some of you may have played it yesterday without even realizing it. We did warn you that we’re rascals!

If you are coming to the event, be sure to swing by to try your hand at the expansion, take one of the new characters for a spin, and start planning your builds for later this month.

And if you can’t join us at WASD, know that Death is limbering up to meet you at the 30-minute mark. Thankfully, at The Foscari Academy, you’ll learn a few new tricks to help beat back the monsters. The DLC includes:

  • 8 new characters
  • 13 new weapons
  • 1 stage
  • 7 music tracks
  • 20 new achievements to re-earn your 100% save

Less Than The Cost of An Ivy League Education

Going to university is expensive, but here at poncle, we’re giving you a scholarship. Tides of the Foscari is a mere $1.99 (see below for equivalent pricing in your region). The base Vampire Survivors game is still available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and you can pick up both Tides of the Foscari and our first DLC, Legacy of the Moonspell, for a song.

Get ready, Survivors. You’ve got a couple of weeks left to hold your 100% game save close until we add more achievements to the pile. We’ll see you on April 13!

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Vampire Survivors is a time survival game with minimalistic gameplay and roguelite elements. There’s no place where to hide, all you can do is try to survive a cursed night and get as much gold as possible for the next survivor, before Death inevitably puts an end to your struggles.

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