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While the explosions were fun, we especially loved Gib’s character development on True Lies Season 1 Episode 7.

Most of the time, Gib seems carefree as he jokes with his teammates or offers sage wisdom. We hadn’t dug into anything personal yet, except he hasn’t dated much.

Now, Gib was forced to work with his estranged dad, Al, and in doing so, they confronted some long-buried issues.

Seeing His Estranged Dad - True Lies Season 1 Episode 7

No one knew anything about Gib’s father or that he worked at Axe Industries. It was strange that Gwen from Engineering was running the briefing instead of Gib or Director Trilby.

Harry: I’m sorry, time out. Did you say Gib’s father?
Luther: Gib has a father?
Harry: Does he know about Omega? Does he know that Gib is part of Omega?

Gib is usually so mild-mannered, so when he lost his temper and refused to consider working with his dad, you knew there had to be more to the story.

Helen the Therapist - True Lies Season 1 Episode 7

Gib is usually the first person who cares about rescuing the hostages, but even hearing that were 130 hostages to save didn’t sway him.

Luckily it swayed his dad, but Al wasn’t any more thrilled to see his son than Gib was to see him.

Al: All I know is my son, who hasn’t bothered to call in over a decade shows up at my doorstep wanting my help.
Gib: Wasn’t my idea, Al.

Helen had to mediate since Gib refused to let his dad offer advice about the rescue mission once they were through the tunnels.

Al had some excellent ideas about scoping out the basement, especially since it had changed.

Keith David Guest-stars - True Lies Season 1 Episode 7

That’s the thing about families. Everyone has a different perception of the past. Helen was wise to get father and son talking. It’s a shame it took them ten years to speak. There is probably still a lot left unsaid.

Helen’s insistence got them to open up and remember their love and pride for each other. Al admitted how proud he was of Gib and said he promised his wife he’d look after him on her deathbed since Gib regularly chased bad guys.

Once Gib understood that Al meant Axe Industries to be his legacy, he promised he wouldn’t let anyone destroy his dad’s company.

That was easier said than done, as Victor was out for revenge, but father and son were unbeatable as they led the Omega Sector Team through the basement and confronted Victor.

Gib: Freeze! Freeze! Drop your weapon!
Al: That’s my son. You better listen.

A Reconciliation - True Lies Season 1 Episode 7

This was one of the best episodes from True Lies Season 1, mainly because the supporting cast was front and center. It also seems like we’re to the better part of the season that Omar Miller teased we’d find if we stuck with the show.

While Gib has been funny throughout, here, Omar Miller got a chance to utilize his dramatic acting chops. We hadn’t seen him blow up like that, and learning about his family history offered insight into his character.

Gib had seemed so gun-shy about relationships until he met Eva. Now we know that probably stemmed from losing his mom at such a young age and having a strained relationship with his dad. He never trusted anyone.

Hopefully, now that he and his dad have reconciled, Gib will open up more about his past. It would be great if Keith David could return in the future as Al because he and Omar Miller had a believable connection as father and son.

Helping Maria - True Lies Season 1 Episode 7

Luther and Maria acted like a couple, even if they were not one. Usually, they’re flirty and cute, but in this episode, they were angsty and protective.

It often seems like Maria craves Harry and Helen’s relationship and how they care for each other. Yet, she was embarrassed when Luther brought up her claustrophobia.

So many people are scared of small spaces, and he only wanted to protect her and stop her from having a panic attack. You could tell how much he still cared when, during an intimate moment, he offered to help.

Let me help you through this; I will never bring it up again.


In many ways, Maria is like the female version of Harry. She’s tough, and she hates asking for help. She’s better at nurturing others than taking help herself. I’m afraid Luther will get tired of waiting soon, and they’ll be stuck in the friend zone.

Taking Help - True Lies Season 1 Episode 7

True Lies’ weakest link remains Harry and Helen. It was nice seeing Helen in a therapist mode as she got father and son communicating, but it was awkward seeing hostages and then cutting to Harry and Helen dancing.

I understand it demonstrated how Harry hated asking for help or following anyone else’s lead, but it was still a really awkward segue.

Harry thrives on being a natural-born leader, whether that’s the team leader at work or the macho husband at home.

Being blinded, even temporarily, made him feel helpless. He couldn’t lead his team to victory and rescue the hostages.

Harry's Blindness - True Lies Season 1 Episode 7

It hurt his ego that his wife thought of a wonderful plan of using night vision glasses that he’d failed to think of himself.

Harry didn’t appreciate that Helen had to direct him to where to shoot when, not long ago, she was the newbie on the team.

However, if their marriage will survive, he will have to learn the importance of teamwork, especially when it comes to his wife.

What did you think of “Independent Dependents”?

Gwen in Engineering - True Lies Season 1 Episode 7

Were you excited to see more celebrity guest stars and learn more about Gib’s personal life?

Are you still rooting for Luther and Maria, or would you prefer to see him with someone new like Gwen?

Comment below.

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True Lies Season 1 Episode 7 Review: Independent Dependents