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Gun Interactive has been pretty open about The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, as it has released a few behind-the-scenes videos of the asymmetrical multiplayer game in the past. But this latest video is the longest and yields even more details.

This mini-documentary has interviews from eight developers from Gun and Sumo Digital. They go through what the first film meant to them and the great lengths they’re going in order to be as authentic as possible, such as the process of fixing an old chainsaw and creating a system that makes the chainsaw revs in the game sound more accurate.

Inside the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Team's Undying (and Dangerous) Commitment to Authenticity

There’s a particular light switch in 1974’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre that probably no one noticed. It’s only in…

The team also explained how it is created the new characters in the game. Sissy, one of the original killers, is a darker take on someone in the hippie movement who hitchhiked around the country and left behind a path of destruction. Johnny, the other new killer, is a mix of James Dean and Ted Bundy (among other serial killers) who uses his good looks to reel in his victims.

The victims, on the other hand, came together through a marriage of narrative and gameplay. Executive Producer Ismael Vicens stated that it was a push a pull, but the studio found that the two come together over time to make a more fleshed-out character that also fits the needs The Texas Chain Saw Massacre‘s gameplay needs. Creative Director Ronnie Hobbs said that this is key to getting players invested since in order to care about these poor souls, they need to know more about them first.

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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Mini-Doc Flexes Dev’s Authenticity