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Warning: The following contains spoilers about Season 6, Episode 20 of ABC’s The Good Doctor.

How’s this for a curveball?

During Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor, Shaun got to the bottom of Dr. Glassman’s memory impairment — and we’ll admit, we were genuinely surprised by his findings. After scans ruled out a recurrence of brain cancer, we assumed a dementia diagnosis was nigh. But as Shaun revealed to Lim, his surrogate father is actually dealing with the irreversible side effects of a ministroke — which, coupled with the radiation Glassman underwent for his glioblastoma in Season 2, has created a hole in his brain. “It explains why his memory has been impacted, especially during periods of intense focus involving many sequential steps,” Shaun explained.

The good news is that Glassman is not dying. The bad news is that the renowned brain surgeon is unlikely to operate ever again. How he deals with that should be interesting, to say the least.

Among other notable developments in Season 6’s third-to-last episode…

* After the hospital’s social worker was unable to find a family willing to foster a baby with Turner syndrome, Morgan stepped up and took Eden home. She later told Park that she was stopping her IVF meds because, and we quote, “Eden is what I’ve been waiting for. She’s my daughter.” Should the adoption process prove more challenging than expected — Eden’s birth father is totally gonna show up at some point, right? — perhaps Shaun can put Morgan in touch with Joni DeGroot.

* Losing a beloved patient helped Andrews see that he’s spent most of his life believing that success only comes from constant striving — and now he wants to change. Will that level of inward reflection cause him to throw up his hands and walk away if the board challenges his position as president of St. Bonaventure? We’ll see! In the meantime, Andrews has been given a second chance by Nurse Villanueva.

* The Jordan/Danny/Jared love triangle is no more. By episode’s end, Jordan and Danny had determined that they are “gifts” to each other. They’re still not sure exactly what that means, but we are. They’ll be coupled up by season’s end.

* Lastly, just when it seemed like Jerome was ready to end things with Asher, Dr. Wolke went and confronted his boyfriend in front of all his friends, admitting that he frequently loses sight of what’s important and promising that he’s done taking Jerome for granted.

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The Good Doctor Recap: Season 6 Episode 20 — Glassman Stroke Explained