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Bushiroad Creative Inc. is bursting onto the chibi figure scene with a new brand called PalVerse, bringing fans “a new world in your palm!”

First announced this January, PalVerse promises to bring to life characters from various virtual worlds, including anime, games, and even VTuber groups with cute yet stylish palm-sized designs.

Its first lineup stars six characters from fan favorite anime My Hero Academia, which can be found right here at the TOM Shop!

What’s more, this collection is being released alongside a PalVerse Pale. lineup, which gives the character’s designs an American cartoon-style twist. In addition to Izuku Midoriya, you can also find Katsuki Bakugo, Ochako Uraraka, and Shoto Todoroki at the TOM Shop.

But enough from us – we actually asked the folks behind PalVerse a few questions and now we’re excited to reveal the answers!

Tokyo Otaku Mode: Compared to existing chibi figures, what are the differences and selling points of PalVerse?

PalVerse: The biggest differences would be their sense of scale and proportions. As a brand of trading figures, PalVerse makes its figure proportions almost three heads tall, meaning the details in the bodies and faces are recreated more vividly than those that are two heads tall. This makes it feel like an avatar in a game, a characteristic that is also part of our brand’s concept.

TOM: Tell us about the reasons and the background behind this new brand being created.

P: I wanted to use my knowledge and company resources (3D modelling) from almost seven years of manufacturing mini figures as capsule toys to attempt to create products with a size, price, and quality that satisfies global demand. As something that’s halfway between capsule toys and prize figures, I also hoped to build a new genre called “light hobby.”

TOM: Will overseas fans have any chance to see PalVerse figures before they’re released?

P: Yes, we’re planning to display the models at overseas events too.

TOM: Finally, could you leave a message for your overseas fans?

P: We’re doing our very best to develop more products so that overseas fans of all kinds of works can enjoy them. Please look forward to both PalVerse, a series of trading figures with more volume than ever before, and PalVerse Pale., a sub-brand that seems to have come to life from a palette!

Thank you to PalVerse for answering our questions! Besides My Hero Academia, there are plenty of confirmed franchises to look forward to with PalVerse, from action-packed titles like Attack on Titan and Chainsaw Man to isekai series Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World, plus more light-hearted offerings like Love Live! Superstar!! and The Quintessential Quintuplets Movie. Plus, VTuber fans will be happy to see Nijisanji EN in the mix.

Visit here for the current PalVerse lineup and here for the sub-brand PalVerse Pale.

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