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Last week we learned that Mia Goth (Suspiria, X, Pearl) was cast in Marvel’s upcoming Blade movie and will star alongside Mahershala Ali, who is taking on the title role. The initial announcement didn’t reveal any details on who Goth is playing, but now a new report has shed some light on that.

During an episode of The Hot Mic Podcast, entertainment reporter Jeff Sneider reported that Goth will be playing Lilith Drake in the upcoming film, the daughter of Dracula. That info is not 100% confirmed, but it certainly makes sense to me!

In the comics, Lilith has a deep hate for Dracula because of the way she became a vampire. She is in a way considered the ultimate vampire as she’s immune to all of their weaknesses, but has all their strengths. Here’s some background on the character for those of you not familiar:

Lilith was the daughter of Dracula and a woman named Zofia. This woman was Dracula’s first wife, while Dracula was still a human being hundreds of years ago, but the two were brought together by an arranged marriage by Dracula’s late father and Dracula began to resent and even hate Zofia. A baby was born out of the marriage: Lilith. While she was still a young child, Dracula made her look upon a group of impaled prisoners. He treated his daughter harshly, and when he had been married for the required one year of their social custom, he told both Lilith and her mother to take their belongings and leave him. They complied and left. Lilith was given to a woman named Gretchin – who was a gypsy – while Zofia wondered the Earth and eventually committed suicide so that she didn’t have to live as a peasant. Lilith grew to hate and despise her father. After becoming a vampire, her father began to attack gypsy villages and killed the son of the very same gypsy that took Lilith as her own. As a way of revenge, Gretchin used her powerful gypsy magic to turn Lilith into a vampire-like being as well, but since she felt like Lilith was her daughter, she made her immune to most of the vampires’ weaknesses. Lilith on her hand promised Gretchin that she would cause trouble for her father for all eternity.

Yann Demange is set to direct the movie, with Michael Starrbury on board to write the latest version of the script and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is producing.

What do you think about the possibility of Goth possibly taking on the role of Lilith Drake?

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