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We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including Love Is Blind, Survivor, #TheFBIs, Yellowjackets and The Mandalorian!

1 | Given how aggressively/seamlessly Apple places products in its series, isn’t it jarring to see The Last Thing He Told Me‘s Hannah using a decidedly non-iPhone?

2 | At least one Saturday Night Live writer must be obsessed with American Girl dolls for the toy line to inspire not one, but two sketches this season, right?

3 | Which callback to the ’90s hit you harder this week, Yellowjackets viewers: Walter’s collection of cassette tapes in the car, or the fact that Van works at a shop that rents movies on videotape?

4 | SuccessionHow many tries do you think it took the Succession prop department to get the “Is it crossed out or underlined?” scribble exactly inscrutable enough?

5 | After Barry‘s season premiere, with a scant few laughs sprinkled among all the existential dread, is this show officially getting too dark for its own good? But speaking of those laughs: Do you kind of wish you could see the full-length version of Gene’s one-man show?

6 | Can Ride please give Tuff a better love interest?

7 | Was it a bit overkill, NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Fatima and Rountree worrying that they’d never find anything on which to play the cassette tapes from the cold case?

8 | Was Love Is Blind co-host Vanessa Lachey just sassy enough for your liking during the Season 4 reunion, or way overstepping her role as moderator?

9 | Should Fantasy Island lean into its tendency to “reunite” cast members of old shows and simply make that a reliably weekly thing?

10 | Prime Video’s “Dialogue Boost feature is nice and all, but… how about TV’s sound mixers don’t drown out the dialogue to begin with?

11 | What are the odds that Jubal’s FBI team would have to thwart “the largest terrorist attack on the homeland since 9/11” twice in just a matter of weeks?

12 | FBI: InternationalDoes it feel like FBI and FBI: International are plastered with lower-third ads for the show that follows during, like, 30% of their episodes?

13 | How was Ted Lasso‘s Roy able to run so long on his famously bum knee? And did you wonder whether Rebecca’s super dreamy romantic interlude would turn out to be a figment of her concussed-by-fall-into-canal imagination?

14 | Regarding the Power Rangers reunion special, TVLine reader Smitty asks, “Why why why did they opt for the truly terrible unfinished CGI at the end tho? Why not just use actors in Zord costumes like the original?”

15 | Who reassembled/retro-programmed The Mandalorian‘s IG-11, seeing as we were very clearly told that some very hard-to-find memory circuit was needed to do so? And why is it Bo-Katan and Satine Kryze… and Paz and Ragnar Viszla… but Din Djarin and Din Grogu?

Survivor Taki Alliance16 | Why do you think Survivor‘s tight alliance of former Tika members (Carolyn, Yam Yam and Carson) didn’t all vote together? Was it, perhaps, on purpose so that the other players wouldn’t see them as a trio? And was it really smart of Danny to axe Brandon so soon? Won’t Danny now be seen as the physically strongest male player in the game?

17 | On The Conners, why isn’t David ever part of major conversations about Harris and Mark’s lives? Even if he remains off-screen, wouldn’t he be footing at least part of the bill for Mark’s college tuition? And are you hoping to see more of Sean Astin’s Tyler as Becky’s new love interest?

FARMER WANTS A WIFE: L-R: Hunter and Meghan18 | Farmer Wants a Wife‘s Meghan is totally coming back next week, right? Was Landon’s breakup with Kylie about as sweet as it gets? And is anyone keeping a list of all the folksy idioms we’ve been treated to, like “Not my monkey, not my circus” and “It’d be like picking the wings off a butterfly”?

19 | Even though A Million Little Things‘ Katherine was probably just crying in the bathroom at the grungy bar (and it was so not the point of the scene), did it bother you that she didn’t wash her hands after coming out of the stall?

20 | On True Lies, are you kinda more into Luther and Maria’s past-and-possibly-future romance than whatever’s going on in Harry and Helen’s marriage?

21 | Are Jodi and Benja one of The Challenge‘s unluckiest duos of all time?

22 | How sad was it that Snowfall‘s Franklin turned out exactly like his father? And since Louie almost got caught in the series finale, do you think it’s only a matter of time before she’s behind bars?

The Diplomat Hair Continuity23 | The biggest mystery in The Diplomat’s premiere episode: How did Keri Russell’s titular character Kate Wyler’s hair go from relatively raddled to positively resplendent within seconds?

24 | Since this week’s Titans was a bottle episode, do you figure that freed up enough budget to have Gar transform into multiple CGI animals for that one fight sequence?

25 | Is it pretty wild/wonderful that a dish that Next Level Chef‘s Pilar literally lobbed up onto the rising conveyor belt wound up besting at least three rivals, based on taste alone (if not its splattered presentation)?

26 | We can’t have been the only Station 19 viewers hoping that Travis would take Andy’s advice and “call the boy” (Eli), could we?

27 | Was it lovely of Grey’s Anatomy to suggest that the doctors could remove the threat posed to Bailey simply by talking with the pro-lifers who’d targeted her family… or cruel, since such a solution would never fly in the real world? Also, we know — we know — Jo and Amelia were going through some s—t, but damn, could the former have been nastier to Link, and the latter more obnoxious to everyone in sight? And does anyone not predict that Season 19 will end with Helm scrubbing back in at Grey Sloan?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share! 

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