Harajuku is a term used to define a really wide range of styles. The name comes from the eponymous district in Tokyo, which is the center of youth culture.

The huge coverage and attention paid to this style is mainly due to FRUiTS Magazine, that has become iconic over the years.

The most evident influences in Harajuku style are mangas, gothic style and pop culture, whose eclectic mix gives origin to a distinctive style. Let’s explore some major tendencies in harajuku!

Black and white

The gothic influences are clear in this kind of looks but they still have a particular japanese take on it. Playing with proportions is important and sportswear elements can be noticed too, giving a casual twist to the outfits.

This is the most minimalist way of dressing harajuku, yet it can be quite complex, featuring many layers and originally shaped items.

Sportswear and hip hop

Lately American street style has been playing a certain role in harajuku, as you can see in the outfit rocked by the girl on the right. An oversized football jersey with a matching bandana gives a sporty yet fashionable appearance to the outfit, while platform shoes keep it closer to japanese street fashion.

Cute, pop and exaggerated

An overabundance of printed items, layers and textures is what creates one of the most easily recognizable tendencies in harajuku, which has recently contributed in creating “cutester” fashion in Great Britain. As we’ve seen before, platform shoes are a staple item. Gothic makeup and hairstyles are present too and they create a unique style when combined with printed and colorful dresses and sweaters.

Icy tones

We have now come to understand that mixing elements from various cultures is a fundamental approach belonging to harajuku, so it’s not really surprising to see elegant shirts with a mesh sweater. Once again, the attention put to hairstyle and accessories is evident.

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Harajuku girls

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