Japanese youth fashion culture covers a variety of styles, among which is the popular and aesthically intriguing style known as the Gothic Lolita. This particular trend features mostly dark clothes and draws ample of inspiration from Victorian fashion, with corsets and ample dresses.

It might seem a little odd at first sight, as it is relatively simpler compared to most other Japanese youth fashion cultures, which often features colorful and modern clothing, combined in eye-catching ways. Anyway, as you’ll understand if you read on, don’t let the minimalist palette fool you: original results can still be achieved even by playing with just two or three colours.

Heavily decorated dresses are must haves for a gothic Lolita, alongside with a vast choice of accessories. Platform shoes are obviously fundamental, as in many Japanese youth subcultures. Stockings and leggings are mostly basic or patterned, as the main item in a gothic Lolita outfit is always the dress.

Gothic Lolita involves an intense care for hairstyle, as you can see in the outfit pictured above: bows are intertwined with hair, which is often styled in ponytails or left straight on the shoulders. Frequent elements in gothic Lolita are lace detail and ruffled shirts.

The dresses are usually tight-fitting on the top and wider in the bottom part in order to create a silhouette that distinguishes this style from similar ones like Sweet Lolita (more childlike) or Kodona (inspired by masculine Victorian style, it can be seen as a sort of “tomboyish” take on Gothic Lolita)

Despite many gothic Lolita outfits are rather canonical, this style has gotten some upgrades lately, as some more original looks have been seen on the streets of Tokyo, as the one you see in the picture above. Overlapped layers of asymmetrical items make the whole outfit complex, keeping the palette simple and monochrome.

Makeup is another important element and consists of black eyeliners and lipsticks, often applied on a light foundation that keeps the skin pale.

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Gothic Lolita