That’s the ending of yet another sensational franchise. The “Fast and Furious” franchise left us with plenty of emotions and experiences, both good and bad. The franchise has encountered a lot of issues throughout its history and has experienced its ups and downs.

You know, people say that this film is “The Best Film” of the franchise, but let’s face: the seventh part of the franchise is actually the worst. And here’s why.

For me, personally, “Fast and Furious” ended after the second part. I still don’t get it why is it so disliked. The spirit of racing was conveyed amazingly, and the second part wasn’t even trying to best the first one, while all the following parts tried to move heaven and earth to be called “The Best”. Although, as it turns out, none of them succeeded in that.

I understand that movies like that cannot be taken seriously, and I know that what you need to do when watching them is simply distance yourself from what’s happening on the screen. But here’s the rub of it: every single dialogue, monologue and even silent scene screams at you: “Paul Walker is dead! Come on, immerse yourself into the movie!”

I get a feeling that the writers were trying to shove a hidden message in every single word. And the thing is, the very farewell scene to Paul turned out to be too transparent and with little warmth to it. But well, thanks for giving tribute.

You can’t just shove a bunch of unrealistic stunts (skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi), a pinch of humor (yes, it’s really there), add a few average fighting scenes (the scene at the police station) into the movie and present it to us with a wide smile, saying: “Eat it, guys!”. It’s just not enough for our world, there must be more…

The only thing I liked is probably the soundtrack, it’s pretty awesome. Especially “Six Days (Remix) — DJ Shadow feat. Mos Def.”

As a conclusion, here’s what I’ve got to say: if you liked the fifth and sixth parts of the “Fast and Furious” franchise, then feel free to watch this part. You’ll like it. Well, at least you won’t be disappointed.

I give it 6 out of 10.

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Furious 7 Review

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