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Much to Kayla’s dismay, Bo decided he wanted to be a Kiriakis instead of a Brady.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by DoolFan4Life from My Hourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Bo wanting to reclaim his Kiriakis side, Marlena’s homecoming, if they want more or less of Rachel, and more!

Plus, which couples are we rooting for the most? Read on to find out…

Days Of Our Lives Round Table 1-27-15

What do you think of Bo wanting to reclaim his Kiriakis roots over his Brady history?

DoolFan4Life: I actually don’t mind it. It is a bit of a change from the usual brainwashed story, and it offers a lot of nice flashbacks with Victor as well. It’s a nice bit of history for new viewers.

Kayla and Bo Reunite - Days of Our Lives

Having said this, I don’t want it to drag on too long, but I don’t mind exploring it for a while.

Jack: This is an interesting aspect of Bo’s history and personality that has never been explored. I don’t know if this is because of Megan’s influence or how Bo really feels, but either way, I’m enjoying this story.

However, I hope that in the end, Bo decides to be a good person. I don’t like him being violent toward the people he loves.

I suspect that John Aniston was still alive when this story was written, but this story also underscores the great loss we suffered when he passed away. Some Bo/Victor scenes would have been a wonderful addition to this story. I also feel like now it serves as an additional tribute to Victor.

Bo Returns on Days Beyond Salem 2 - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I love this storyline! I remember when Bo first learned Victor was his father and the amount of angst that caused. I’ve always been intrigued by Victor and Bo’s relationship, so I’m thrilled it’s being revisited from this angle.

Unfortunately, it really drives home what a loss John Aniston’s death is to the show. This could have been an amazing story, but I do believe that given the right material, Peter Reckell will do a great job with it, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Do you agree with Kayla’s assessment that Victor’s heart is ice cold?

DoolFan4Life: Yes and no. I agree with it in terms of Kayla’s history with Victor, so it is how her character would feel about him. But as a viewer who has seen the many sides and layers of Victor, that’s where I say no.

To be fair, they are going on about this youth serum, and Victor was cold and ruthless when he was in his youth.

Victor's Childhood Home - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I feel like Kayla’s opinion of Victor is outdated. Forty years ago, he was a stone-cold villain who messed with her family despite his love for Caroline, but we haven’t seen THAT Victor in ages.

For the most part, Victor mellowed toward the end of his life. He was much less ruthless after he married Maggie, though he did still have his evil side that came out every now and then.

Christine: Victor ran a crime syndicate and could be ruthless, especially decades ago. But Kayla made it sound like he was incapable of love, and his history proves that wasn’t true.

Victor adored Isabella. Caroline was the love of his life before he married Maggie, who is the one woman he honestly tried to change for. And although Victor could be critical, he would move mountains for his children and grandchildren.

Victor was complicated, but to say his heart was ice cold was Kayla’s myopic version of the man.

John Finds Marlena - Days of Our Lives

How did you rate Marlena’s homecoming with John and her children?

DoolFan4Life: In a word, barf. I’m over Marlena and her endless kidnappings and reunions. It’s a waste of airtime, and I would prefer to know what really happened to Kate.

Jack: I find it strange that anyone wonders how she can be back from the dead after all the other magic resurrections. Also, if Marlena can magically be alive again, why assume that Kate’s “death” is permanent?

I liked Marlena and John’s reunion, but I agreed with Marlena that it was time for Eric and Belle to stop fighting. That was obnoxious and unnecessary, even if Eric is being ridiculous when it comes to Sloan.

Belle Gets a New Case - Days of Our Lives

Christine: My favorite part was how happy John was to have his wife back. I also appreciated that Belle asked if Sami had been told, and John confirmed he called her.

Belle and Eric’s fight was tedious. Eric is a grown man. If he wants to hook up with Sloan, that’s his business and not Belle’s. The best part of the fight was when John whistled to break it up like they were a couple of small children, which is what they were acting like.

Did Sloan trash Paulina’s office? If not Sloan, then who?

DoolFan4Life: She’s the most obvious answer, so probably not. I don’t know who it could be, but I wonder if it’s someone who heard her threaten that she didn’t need the court for revenge and is trying to set her up?

Belle and Sloan Team Up - Days of Our Lives

Jack: Sloan is the most logical suspect, but the amount of noise Paulina is making about it being Sloan means it’s likely someone else.

I can’t think of who unless TR is also back from the dead. Nobody currently on canvas has any reason to mess with Paulina unless it’s someone trying to frame Sloan, who has plenty of enemies.

But that threatening note seemed personal, like someone was angry at Paulina about something.

Christine: I keep wondering if it could be Talia since she’s the newest person in town, but I don’t know what her motive would be.

But since Paulina won’t stop screaming about it being Sloan despite the lack of proof, I’m taking that as confirmation that it must be someone else.

Rachel Lashes Out - Days of Our Lives

How do you feel about Rachel as part of the Kristen/Brady/Chloe storyline? Is she an entertaining addition or an intolerable brat?

DoolFan4Life: I feel like she is a total brat, and everything Chloe said about her was bang on. However, her character is written perfectly as Kristin and Brady’s daughter.

It’s an interesting wild card, and I am really hoping it leads to a Brady and Chloe breakup.

Jack: Ugh, she is such a brat. She’s not an entertaining brat, either. When Ciara was little, her snarky responses were often amusing, but Rachel is just obnoxious, and I can’t stand the way Brady caters to her feelings and doesn’t do anything real about disciplining her when she acts up.

Kristen Gets a Surprise Visitor - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I love Rachel! She has Kristen’s intelligence, sneakiness, and sharp tongue. Brady has indulged her so much that she knows she’s likely to get what she wants as long as she continues to push and manipulate.

Rachel is definitely a brat, but she’s also the most interesting kid in Salem, and I’m enjoying her as she causes havoc for Brady.

Gwen and Alex are hooking up regularly. Xander was looking out for Chloe, and the two former enemies hugged. What are your thoughts on these possible new pairings?

DoolFan4Life: Gwen is a character I don’t see a point in. As for Chloe and Xander, I was pleasantly surprised that they had more chemistry than Chloe and Brady.

It might be a romance to try on for a bit. I love Xander and Sarah and Chloe with Philip, but if Sarah and Philip aren’t coming back anytime soon, why not?

Xander And Alex Come to Blows - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I couldn’t care less about Gwen and Alex. They can have as much sex as they want, but can they please do it off-screen? I’d love it if they took a romantic vacation and didn’t come back for a few months, if ever.

I don’t think Xander and Chloe are going to hook up romantically. This is all to create problems for Brady and Chloe when Leo makes that seemingly not-innocent photo of their hug public.

Christine: I don’t love or hate Gwen and Alex. For now, I’m willing to give them a chance to capture my attention. At least they’re both honest about only wanting sex as a distraction from their current romantic losses.

Xander and Chloe’s truce was surprising. I don’t believe it’s s good match for Chloe, but at this point, I don’t know who is. Considering the best thing about Brady and Chloe is his bratty child, that’s not a good sign.

Steve and John Run Into Hope - Days of Our Lives

Is there a couple you are truly rooting for on Days right now?

DoolFan4Life: I’ll always root for Bo and Hope. I know when they reunite, it’s going to be messy because he’s brainwashed, and she’s now involved with Harris. I just don’t want that to drag on because they are my favorite couple.

Jack: I’d like whatever’s gotten into Bo to get out of his system when he sees Hope, though I also like her with Harris.

I’d love for Paul and Andrew to make it work this time, too.

Under Nicole's Skin - Days of Our Lives

Christine: I’d love to see the show invest in EJ and Nicole. They have the possibility of making a great power couple, but I worry the plan is to get Nicole back with Eric and EJ back with Sami.

I’m hoping Chanel and Johnny make their way back together. Considering they only broke up due to the devil, I’d like to see their love story get a real chance.

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

DoolFan4Life: I’m disappointed that we haven’t seen what actually happened to Kate. I really don’t believe she’s dead and that John, Steve, and Marlena didn’t even search for her body.

Steve Captures Megan - Days of Our Lives

I also hate the way Megan kept calling Hope “Frowny Face” That was actually Nicole’s nickname for her that she used to say to Aiden. It was lame then, and it’s lame now. The writers need fresher material.

Most of all, I’m disappointed in all things Stefan. I hate that they are dumbing down EJ and Nicole just to prop him up, and above all, I’m disgusted he’s still on my screen.

Someone needs to kill him already and make sure he’s not river dead, then be given a reward for ridding us of his disgusting character.

Jack: Why did Chloe lie to Brady about why she was worried about Leo’s column? This non-issue has taken up way too much screen time recently.

Brady and Chloe Have a Pint-Sized Problem - Days of Our Lives

The idea is ludicrous that Brady would never forgive Chloe for saying that Kristen was turning Rachel into a monster like her! He thinks the same thing and wants to get Kristen out of Rachel’s head!

Besides, if their relationship can’t survive Leo printing one off-hand comment in a gossip column, then there isn’t much there, to begin with.

Also, the whole premise of six-year-old Rachel taking an Uber to the prison unaccompanied and being allowed to see Kristen because she pretended to cry was beyond stupid. I know prison life is never realistic in Salem, but that was ridiculous even by Salem standards!

Christine: EJ and Nicole’s plan for Stefan and Gabi was just dumb. They’re both smart enough to know they’d have to let Stefan and Gabi get together a time or two to feel safe before springing the trap.

Hope Gets Info From Harris - Days of Our Lives

And why is Hope being so naive when it comes to Harris? She assumes that one ECT treatment has reversed years of brainwashing. When did she become this painfully stupid?

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

DoolFan4Life: I loved seeing Kayla stand up to Bo. She was always one to put him in his place, and again their scenes provided great drama. There’s lots of history there, and the actors really knocked it out of the park with the sibling dynamic.

I also loved Xander’s talk with Maggie because they have such an endearing relationship

I also enjoyed watching Tripp dance around in his boxers…Just saying.

Megan Returns - Days of Our Lives

Jack: I love the Megan adventure/Bo stuff.

I also really liked Paulina and Talia’s scenes (except for Paulina putting her nose into Talia’s career choice, which was unnecessary.) I’ve often criticized Days of Our Lives for their inaccurate depictions of mental health issues, but this time they got it right.

I especially liked Talia reminding Paulina that there is no shame in seeking help and talking to her about the way Black women often take on too much on their own.

Christine: I loved Bo talking about Victor’s history. As difficult of a reminder as it was that John Aniston is gone, I love that they are still honoring the character in this way.

A Wrench in Their Plans/Tall - Days of Our Lives

Now it’s your turn, Days fans. Was Kayla too hard on Victor? Is Sloan to blame for trashing Paulina’s office? And which couple are you rooting for? Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button to let us know.

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