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Yearly supporters, I’ve got a treat for you. To accompany the piece I published about Roll7 today, I’ve got some keys to give away for the studio’s games. Rad! That’s what skateboarders say isn’t it?

Specifically, I’ve got a small batch of PC keys to give away for the studio’s two most recent games: the brilliant Rollerdrome and OlliOlli World, which I still can’t believe were released in the same year (2022).

Remember, key giveaways are only for yearly supporters of Eurogamer. They’re an exclusive perk for laying down an annual fee. Everything else – all the exclusive articles, podcasts, ad-free viewing and so on – benefits the monthly members too. In case you’re wondering, an annual sub costs £30/€30/$30.

Claiming a key is easy. Just head over to the “My account” section of Eurogamer – which is in the top-right on desktop, or the three-lined Menu on mobile – and find the “Codes” tab. Then, scroll down until you see the Roll7 giveaway, choose which key you want and then claim it.

Rollerdrome, if you don’t know, is a game about roller skating and shooting. A game of bullet-time slow-mo and gravity-defying tricks, and super-stylish, super-hectic fun. We gave it an Essential in our Rollerdrome review.

OlliOlli World, on the other hand, is the pinnacle of the studio’s famous skateboarding series. But it’s much more colourful and much more inventive than the games before it. We also gave OlliOlli World an Essential in our review.

That’s it! Be quick – there aren’t many keys.

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Yearly Supporters, we’ve got OlliOlli World and Rollerdrome keys for you