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On July 5, XaaXaa unveiled the music video for Nozokitai (のぞきたい), the lead track of their upcoming single which releases on August 1.

XaaXaa, known for their youthful yet dark sound, brings chaos and jarring imagery to this release. The song opens with vocalist Kazuki’s strained crooning, “I want to take a peek, but I can’t…”, as he strokes the silky hair of a mannequin. The song then plunges into madness with deep, chesty screams and a tortured band score.

The chaotic score mirrors the video’s narrative, filled with twists, turns, and disturbing imagery. With XaaXaa, we’ve learned to expect the unexpected, and the twist at the end of this video is no different. Take a peek below.

Nozokitai will be sold exclusively through mail order and at XaaXaa gigs, while supplies last. The single comes in a luxury edition sleeve case and includes a 36-page photobook featuring an interview with all the band members. The two-disc set contains a CD with two tracks, Nozokitai and Bye Bye (ばいばい), along with a DVD featuring the music video and making-of footage.

Check out the band’s ghostly new look for this release below. Neon green glows against an otherwise monochromatic background, echoing the pine trees painted on screens behind them. In the music video, this neon green contrasts sharply with the violently red background.

XaaXaa is currently touring Japan to celebrate its 10th anniversary. In September, they will perform overseas at THE WALL in Taipei, Taiwan, as part of a two-day festival. On September 21, XaaXaa performs alongside visual kei peers THE MADNA and FORBIDDEN. On September 22, the legendary visual kei band NIGHTMARE performs solo.

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XaaXaa’s “Nozokitai” music video blends heavy music, haunting imagery