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The Super Mario Bros. Movie isn’t a musical, but it does have one standout song, “Peaches.” The music video of Bowser’s ode to Princess Peach (which is mostly just different parts of the film spliced together) has now made its way online and is even eligible for an Oscar.

According to Variety’s report, Universal stated that the song was eligible for the award show for the Best Original Song category. As the award’s title implies, it is for songs specifically written for a film. Jack Black not only performed the ballad but also wrote it with Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Eric Osmond, and John Spiker.

The “DK Rap” has been an infamous part of Donkey Kong’s legacy since its inception in 1999. It even made…

Black was also part of the live-action “Peaches” music video that Lyrical Lemonade released. He dressed up as King Koopa and paraded around, in addition to singing and playing the piano.

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s ‘Peaches’ Music Video Goes Online, Is Eligible for an Oscar