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Jrock super group THE LAST ROCKSTARS announced today its move to the big screen for the feature-length action blockbuster THE FINAL ROCKSTARS. Band members YOSHIKI, HYDE, SUGIZO, and MIYAVI promise to flex their artistic prowess in ways connoisseurs of both music and cinema have yet to witness.

This milestone will surely mark Japan’s greatest contribution to the annals of Thespian mastery.

The first promotional image features grim alt-universe versions of YOSHIKI and MIYAVI. Director Michael Bay revealed plans for follow-on posters with HYDE and SUGIZO, which will be released alongside a two-minute red band trailer, just in time for the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

In the year 202X, a global terrorist network rules over our musical expression and seeks the death of subculture as we know it.

Jrock all but vanishes from society, leaving only small pockets underground resistance. These operations proceed in secrecy, lest they meet ruthless retaliation from the new order.

Enter THE FINAL ROCKSTARS, Japan’s most covert and virtuosic soldiers of fortune. Their ultimate gig: To become the flame that rekindles the dimly glowing embers of creative liberty.

Meet the weapons master MIYAVI, driver SUGIZO, femme fatale (and half-vampire) HYDE, and the master architect YOSHIKI.

Together, they climb aboard Jrock’s last redoubt, the experimental mecha unit “Giant Automaton for Combatting and Killing Tyranny” (G.A.C.K.T.). Will THE FINAL ROCKSTARS tear down the regime, rescue our freedoms, and avenge swift justice in the name of music lovers across the world?

It’s going to take smarts, style, and sass to pull it off, but this crack team just might be THE FINAL hope!

So, yes. We are looking forward to showing you, especially the soundtrack. It’s all written! I just have to record it [laughs]. I will say, since everyone is asking: No, THE FINAL ROCKSTARS probably won’t use that one single by DIR EN GREY. That was from, like, 20 years ago.

I have a lot of formal acting training from my friend Angelina Jolie. Trust me, we have this under control. Bang, bang bang!

Following THE FINAL ROCKSTARS’ debut at the esteemed festival, select theaters in Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, London, and Paris will hold advance screenings. It’s still uncertain whether members of THE LAST ROCKSTARS will make an appearance at any of the premiers.

Who’s excited to see THE FINAL ROCKSTARS? Stay tuned for further updates from JROCK NEWS!

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THE LAST ROCKSTARS leaps into theaters with movie “THE FINAL ROCKSTARS”