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Before 2023 comes to a close, THE DESPERADO released one last single, THE OVER, on December 29. The single also comes alongside a music video and a taster of what to expect in 2024.

THE DESPERADO have had a busy year with the release of their first mini album The Cry Against and the single Yokubou, now ending the year with THE OVER. Featuring all sides of THE DESPERADO, THE OVER includes heavy breakdowns and catchy chorus melodies.

As with Yokubou, guitarist and composer Seiya engages in further experimentation. He adds non-metal-sounding guitar parts, which, when combined with vocalist Nero’s angelic voice, create a beautiful atmosphere. This atmosphere catches you off guard and gradually builds up to a huge emotional last chorus, effectively closing the song.

The music video showcases the single artwork along with a compilation of new clips and footage from past music videos. As such, THE OVER serves as a perfect retrospective of the year.

In addition, THE DESPERADO is already teasing new music for 2024, featuring a variety of styles that can not come soon enough.

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THE DESPERADO end 2023 with emotional single “THE OVER”