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Capcom held a showcase all about Street Fighter 6, which around a month from its June 2 release date. The stream focused on the game’s various modes, revealed its DLC plan for at least the first year, and came with the announcement of a demo that is out now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Street Fighter 6 DLC RPG-Like Solo Mode Detailed, Demo Out Now

World Tour mode is the game’s RPG-lite single-player mode that uses the player’s customized avatar. Users can go to certain areas around the world and walk around in a full 3D space to follow different masters and fight NPCs. Fighting yields experience that players can use on their stats. Gear also has stat bonuses, too, and consumables can even temporarily boost certain attributes.

Following the different masters unlocks that character’s set of moves, which can then open up new areas in the overworld and attacks within combat. For example, Chun-Li’s Spinning Bird Kick can be used in battle as an attack, but also in the hubs to float to new areas. There are also a host of special missions for players to undertake and some “unexpected appearances.” The map screen showed seven areas, as well: Metro City (United States), Old Nayshall (Nayshall), Colosseo (Italy), King Street, Ranger’s Hut, Bathers Beach, and Genbu Temple.

Street Fighter 6 DLC RPG-Like Solo Mode Detailed, Demo Out Now

Battle Hub is the multiplayer arena where players can get together in a virtual arcade environment. Capcom has already detailed this portion of the game, but this is where players can pit their avatars against each other and play retro Capcom games like Street Fighter II and Captain Commando. There are also clubs players can join where users can create an emblem and uniform for everyone in the club. Battle Hub will also have special events with unique items, but Capcom didn’t reveal much more about what that might mean.

Street Fighter 6 DLC RPG-Like Solo Mode Detailed, Demo Out Now

Fighting Ground is the most basic and straightforward of the bunch, as this is where the arcade mode is. Capcom explained that there will be battle damage that can be turned on or off. There’s also a new accessibility feature that plays different sound effects depending on the height of the opponent’s attack, how close they are, if their attack was a cross-up, and how much meter the player has left. There are also expanded tutorials that go over the game’s general mechanics, as well as ones that detail each character. These more specific ones break down how each character’s moves work, when they might be helpful, and come complete with a few sets of combo trials that range from beginner combos to ones geared toward experts.

Arcade mode is a pretty traditional bout against a ladder of A.I. foes and completing a run unlocks artwork. There are also leaderboards for this mode. Team Battle is exactly what it sounds like, and Extreme Battle is a party-focused mode that’s like Mortal Kombat X‘s Test Your Luck mode with its array of modifiers. Custom rooms have been improved, as well and now hold up to 16 players. And, of course, there are ranked and casual online modes.

Street Fighter 6 DLC RPG-Like Solo Mode Detailed, Demo Out Now

Capcom is going to support Street Fighter 6 for a while, part of which will come in the form of DLC. The team revealed the first four characters coming to the game’s Year 1 Pass. Street Fighter V‘s Rashid is coming to the game in summer 2023, new character A.K.I. is releasing in fall 2023, Ed is coming out in winter 2024, and Akuma is slated for spring 2024. They’ll appear in World Tour mode. All four of these Street Fighter 6 DLC characters were in the initial roster leak, but haven’t been officially revealed until now.

The Year 1 Pass with those four combatants comes with the $84.99 and $104.99 versions of the game. The deluxe edition also comes with 4,200 Drive Tickets and four character colors. The ultimate edition includes 7,700 Drive Tickets, four character colors, eight costumes, and two extra stages. Pre-ordering any version unlocks 10 extra skins and some special stickers and titles.

Capcom wrapped up the stream by dropping a demo for the game PS4 and PS5. The same demo will come to Xbox Series X|S and PC on April 26. World Tour progress won’t carry over to the full game, but the player’s avatar will, granted they play the full game on the same platform.

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Street Fighter 6 DLC & RPG-Like Solo Mode Detailed, Demo Out Now