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The Speed franchise has had fans talking for decades, with the first film releasing in 1994 and a not as good sequel hitting the screen in 1997. The first movie is so good, and its stars have gone on to remain positive figures in Hollywood, it feels like with all the remakes and sequels from years past flooding in, it would be very cool to revisit. Keanu Reeves has said over the years that he would be open to returning for a sequel, even as recently as last week.

So what would a third film look like? The first movie’s screenwriter, Graham Yost, was recently asked that question, and he hilariously joked to ComicBook:

“I think what Keanu said was, ‘If the script was good enough,’ and that’s what it really comes down to. I mean, what do you do? My old joke for Speed 3 was, ‘This time, it’s 60,’ and that’s it. Just a little faster, but it’s all the same damn thing. And everyone involved is 60. It’s like when you see John Wick; each one is the same movie basically, but they’re great. I enjoy them, they’re brutal.”

So just 10 miles faster, but the same stars, the same city bus, the same serial bomber, but this time without Dennis Hopper as the bad guy, as he sadly passed in 2010.

The funny part is, people would watch it! I know I would! But I do hope they come up with something new. With Reeves willing to return, I know someone is eventually going to jump on it, and when they do, we will let you know all the details.

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