Just a week after it was reported that Hiroyuki Sanada would return for another Shōgun season, FX and Hulu announced they are developing two new seasons of the acclaimed drama.

In an announcement on Thursday (via THR), FX revealed that it would be teaming up with the estate of author James Clavell — who wrote the original Shōgun novel in 1975 — to extend the story into two additional seasons. Shogun Seasons 2 and 3 are both currently in development, and a writers room is being assembled.

Shōgun Season 1’s creative team, including co-creators, executive producers, and writers Justin Marks and Rachel Kondo are set to return and will be involved with the development of the new seasons. Last week, it was reported that Sanada (who played Lord Yoshii Toranaga) would also be returning to the series.

It’s unclear exactly what exactly the second season will be about as of now, as the first season covered the contents of the book that it was based on, ending similarly to where the 1975 James Clavell novel did.

Following its premiere, Shogun quickly became a hit series for FX, and was the company’s most-watched premiere across various streaming platforms.

Shogun Season 2 was hinted at following Season 1’s ending

Last month, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, co-creator and showrunner Justin Marks was asked about whether or not a second season of the series could happen. Marks hinted that they would be up for it if they could think of something, but also expressed hesitancy that they could go beyond the original novel’s ideas.

“I don’t know. I keep saying it’s like we want to let everyone be on the same page when it comes to the book,” said Marks. “And hopefully now the TV audience and the book audience are on the same page with what the story is and where it resolves. I think if we had a story, if we could find a story, we would be open to it. But I don’t think that anyone ever wants to be out over their skis without a roadmap and everything. And it’s also just about, do people want more of it?”

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Shogun Season 2 and 3 in the Works at FX