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Metacritic user ‘Sneedryu’ gave the game top marks. Unsurprisingly, it’s drawn some comparisons to Pokémon:

“I’m only 20 hours into the game but I already put that much time in the demo so really it is more like 45 hours in. The game is incredibly addicting. The concept is more or less Pokemon meets Dragon Quest, but it’s better than any Pokemon game and incredibly addicting because you’re going to be chasing for the perfect monsters constantly until end game to get the strongest skills in the game. I can already tell I’ll be playing this game for months to come.”

Some players have reported occasional frame rate drops, but it’s not impacting everyone, as Dragon Quest subreddit user ‘Son_of_Calcryx’ notes, after sharing some gameplay footage:

“I post this for anyone wondering if the game is playable. It is perfectly playable, and if frames drop for 3 seconds every 40 minutes of play they are insignificant for me. Game is great especially for an old dog like me, i haven’t played DQM since the game boy colour days.”

A fan (via Google reviews) by the name of ‘RL Bear’, says it would be a perfect score if the performance was improved:

“The game is fun but the performance has some minor issues that should be patched. Lots of little loading screens, stuttering, slowdowns, frame rate issues, graphical hiccups. No excuses why a game this plain and simple with these kind of graphics cannot be 100% polished…You’ll be able to put in hundreds and hundreds of hours into this game… 4/5 but would be 5/5 if the game ran more smoothly and fluid, and polished.”

On the Nintendo Switch subreddit, there were similar comments, with one user stating how they were not happy about the graphics but were loving the gameplay:

“Graphics are underwhelming, but the actual gameplay is great which is all I really care about at the end of the day. I wish it looked even half as good as XI did though.”

X (formerly Twitter) user ‘PenKnight3’ also highly recommends the game if you’re a fan of series like Pokémon:

“If you have a Switch, do yourself a favor and get Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince. Imagine a Pokémon game with customizing any abilities to any monster, AND there is voice acting! A very well done narrative from a different perspective in the Dragon Quest IV story as well”

And if you’re curious to know what we think here on Nintendo Life, don’t worry – a Switch review is on the way and should be appearing on the site very soon! If you do want to learn more about this game, you can also check out the Switch eShop demo.

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