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Not too much is known about the overarching plan for James Gunn‘s DC Universe, and according to the filmmaker, he doesn’t think anyone has even come close to figuring out what he has planned.

Taking to Twitter, Gunn responded to a fan who asked if he was worried that fans had already figured out what he has planned in the DCU after his announcement of a Superman: Legacy film. Gunn seemed not worried at all, saying that he doesn’t think “anyone has come close” to figuring out what he has planned.

Ever since the announcement of Gunn’s DC Universe, fans have speculated on just what it could include. Theories range from incorporating the supervillain Mongul into the DCU to eventually adapting the iconic Superman: Red Son storyline. However, it seems like nothing has been found out just yet, and with even more unknown DCU projects in production, it’s anyone’s guess as to what Gunn has planned.

The DC Universe’s first phase, called Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, will feature a multitude of different movies and television shows. A few of the announced projects include a Batman and Robin-focused movie called The Brave and the Bold, a Supergirl movie titled Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, a Swamp Thing film, and multiple TV shows.

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No One Has Figured Out My Main DC Plan