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Imagine a sunny day in Tokyo, Japan. After stepping off the Yamanote line, what’s your first order of business? Drop coins in gacha machines, or hunt for kawaii goods and delicious food?

While it may be difficult to travel all the way to Japan right now, luckily, it is now possible to enjoy the fun from the comfort of your own home! Through Japan Crate’s service, you’re able to receive a monthly box with a theme of your choosing, ranging from things like toys, food, and even stationary.

I was personally interested in the toy crates, so let’s see what we got!

For transparency, we want to let you know that Japan Crate sent us the crates for free, but this is not a sponsored review. We received the products to share our honest opinions with you.

To make things even better, JROCK NEWS readers can apply the code “JRN15” at checkout to get 15% off their own purchase.

As you may guess from the name, the crate name “Gacha Gacha”, it is packed with a bunch of gachapon (capsule machine) toys!

If you’re anything like me, the thrill of opening the little capsules to find out what’s inside is unlike anything else. With the sheer variety of toys available, it can honestly be a little overwhelming, but Japan Crate takes the worry out of where to spend your money by providing you with a bunch of options!

Cracking them open can be a little challenging, but we did it!

Amongst our new tiny friends, we got a Super Bell light, mini Tamagotchi (which the 90s kid in us loves!), Sumikkogurashi lock with keys, Charmander figure, and more.

The only problem left is where to put them on display!

We received our crate in February, so of course, the theme for the Doki Doki box was Valentines!

Let’s investigate the content!

Inside, along with the beautifully designed leaflet explaining the contents, we received a pair of soft, fluffy legwarmers; a sakura blossom-shaped drink coaster; a little biscuit animal plushie; chocolate-patterned masking tape; and a big, squishy cat marshmallow plushie!

A mixture of cute items to join my plushies collection, and a few useful ones too! The sakura coaster has joined my desk at work, the legwarmers have been keeping my ankles warm on these cold nights recently, and the tape will soon find a good home decorating my notebook.

While we only had a look at the two toy crates, Japan Crate have many other types of themes too, such as snacks, noodles, and stationary.

You will from time to time also find collaboration crates with popular anime, games, and more.

Japan Crate offers a unique way to experience a bit of Japan from the comfort of your own home. With monthly boxes filled with various themes like toys, food, and stationary, there is something for everyone! The Gacha Gacha and Doki Doki crates contain an array of interesting items that shows the interesting side of Japan through cute and quirky goods.

If you want to pick up your own crate, head to Japan Crate and use discount code “JRN15” for 15% off.

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Enjoy dose of Japan at home with Japan Crate!