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Squid Game was one of the biggest shows that Netflix has released and it’s pretty wild to look back at how popular it was. Everyone was talking about it, but as time has passed, and Season 2 is in the works with creator Seong Gi-hun, the series hasn’t been in the news much lately.

Well, today an interesting report has surfaced from entertainment reporter Jeff Sneider’s The Hot Mic podcast. He shared that Netflix is in the process of developing a remake of Squid Game and they want David Fincher on board to produce! There’s no confirmation of this, but it would make sense that Netflix would want one of their biggest filmmakers on board to help bring this project to life.

There are no other details shared, but if David Fincher was brought on board to develop the American Squid Game remake, it will be a well-made high-quality series.

It’s not surprising that Netflix would want to have an American version of the series because when something is super popular, they are going to want to soak it for all it’s worth. If they are going to do that, they might as well bring on a great filmmaker like David Fincher to develop it!

Maybe this one necessarily be a remake, I’m just speculating here, but made this series will be set in the same universe as the Korean one, but it’s set in America. Maybe there will be an American chapter of Squid Game, and this will tell a completely different story in a different part of the world. That would make more sense to me than a remake.

What are your thoughts on Netflix remaking Squid Game and the possibility of David Fincher being brought on board to make it?

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Netflix Reportedly Developing an American Remake of SQUID GAME and They Want David Fincher — GeekTyrant