Capcom confirmed that Monster Hunter Wilds crossplay would be available in the upcoming game in the newest trailer for the action role-playing game.

During Friday’s Summer Game Fest presentation, Capcom delivered a new gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated next entry in the Monster Hunter franchise. The trailer showed off some battles against monsters in the desert landscape, as well as some weapons players will use.

Check out the new gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds below:

After the trailer had ended, developers from Capcom took to the stage, and confirmed that Monster Hunter Wilds would support crossplay. This marks a first for the franchise, and will allow players across any platform to play the game and go hunting monsters together.

What do we know about Monster Hunter Wilds?

Capcom showcased the game during Sony’s recent State of Play event. Monster Hunter Wilds players take the role of a professional monster hunter accompanying an expedition into the   Forbidden Lands. The trailer focused on a region called the Windward Plains, a vast expanse of desert and grasslands. Monsters include the small, wivern-like Dalthydon, horn-backed Ceratonoths, massive, lion-like Doshaguma, and armored, frog-like Chatacabra.

“Monster Hunter Wilds seamlessly flows from story sequences to gameplay to tell the dynamic and engrossing story of the hunter leading the Forbidden Lands Research Commission as they explore vibrant ecosystems filled with monsters and extreme environments,” says Capcom “After stepping off their ship headed for the Windward Plains, hunters begin to unravel the many mysteries contained within Forbidden Lands, such as the massive crescent-shaped mountain dominating the landscape. That journey will compel players to team up with other Hunters to discover the relationship between this world and the people who inhabit it, standing shoulder to shoulder against new and fearsome foes.”

The game will be at Gamescom Opening Night Live, alongside the title’s first playable demo on the Gamescom 2024 show floor.

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Monster Hunter Wilds Crossplay Confirmed, New Gameplay Trailer Revealed