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James Gunn had previously hinted that a Mister Terrific movie or series could be in the works at DC Studios. Now, a report from an insider suggests one could be.

During a recent episode of The Hot Mic podcast, Above the Line’s Jeff Sneider mentioned that he’s heard that a Mister Terrific project is in development, although not much more information was given.

“Someone keeps telling me that there’s a Mister Terrific project in development,” Sneider said before later noting that Gunn believes “Mister Terrific may be one of these sort of side characters could merit his own movie.”

The news that a Mister Terrific movie is in development isn’t too surprising. Last year, Gunn seemed to tease that something was coming featuring the character. In a Twitter post in mid-November 2022, Gunn randomly shared a photo of the character without any other clues, leading many fans to believe something was in the works.

Mister Terrific is a somewhat lesser-known DC superhero who first appeared in the world of DC Comics in 1942. The mantle of Mister Terrific has only ever been taken up by two characters: Terry Sloane, originally, and Michael Holt. In DC Comics, Holt is an extremely smart person from birth and has no trouble picking up any skill. After his family dies, he takes on the mantle of Mister Terrific and joins the Justice Society of America.

Mister Terrific also appeared in the hit CW series Arrow, where he was played by Echo Kellum. The character was a mainstay from the fourth through eighth seasons of the series.

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Mister Terrific DCU Project Reportedly in Development