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Hello and welcome to Honey’s Anime. Today, we’ll be checking out the first—at least from what we found—commercial 3D-printed keycap for your keyboard and this is in collaboration with MapleStory and HyperX, the Orange Mushroom Limited Edition Keycap.

This is going to be pretty simple but it is also exciting. The idea of having a customizable keycap that can REALLY bring out your personality and gaming credibility with these 3D-printed keycaps. This is the first of many to come, for sure, and we can’t wait to see what else they produce. The custom keycap comes from HyperX’s HX3D division which is dedicated to bringing more customization options for keycaps in the near future. HX3D uses 3D printing tech from HP to get the job done and the keycaps are durable and in full color as well. The really interesting thing is they are keeping things tight and limited. Once a custom product is sold out, that is it! They will most likely never make it again.

To start, HyperX is making keycaps but it does look like they are getting ready to release more options for customizations in the form of top caps for your headset bands—like cat ears, horns, etc., caps for your outside of the headphones speakers, and even custom-made mic stand covers or just stands themselves. As aforementioned, we can’t wait to see what HyperX comes up with next. So without further ado, let’s get to reviewing this wonderful accessory for us gamers!

The Keycap

First off, this is in collaboration with MapleStory the game franchise, and it is something that is for a specific genre of gamers but nonetheless, the design and character chosen is wonderful. In this case, the character chosen is Orange Mushroom from MapleStory.

The Design

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The design of the keycap is pretty cool if you stop to think we are getting 3D-printed accessories for our gaming setups already. The base of the keycap is your basic keycap shape but from there, the Orange Mushroom sits on top of the keycap and you’ll also see the MapleStory logo on the front of the keycap itself.


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If you look closely you can barely see any lines or layers created by the 3D-printing process which is very nice and surprising for something so small. There are noticeable small bumps as if the keycap was in a warmer for a little too long or unfinished. We say this because the top of the mushroom keycap, the mushroom head is a lot smoother than the rest of the keycap itself. Due to this, the HyperX logo on the back of the keycap is barely legible if you are unfamiliar with the HyperX branding. Regardless, the design of the keycap is adorable and unique.

The Fitting

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The Orange Mushroom keycap has a cross-fitting mold that fits perfectly with most if not all HyperX gaming keyboards. The keycap easily comes off and on and you can pretty much place it anywhere you see fit for your personal gaming or typing needs. HyperX recommends using the keycap for the ESC key, but you are not limited to only that space.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Orange Mushroom is definitely a must-have for those who love building their perfect gaming setup whether it be for gaming for long hours or for your game room experience. Just remember, these are limited edition keycaps created by HyperX so make sure you jump on that immediately when they release because it is first come first serve!

With that, we hope you enjoyed this article and that you are as excited as we are for their next release! Make sure to follow HyperX on social media and make sure to keep coming back to Honey’s Anime for great content!

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MapleStory x HyperX Orange Mushroom Limited Edition Keycap