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Kaneto Juusei (鐘ト銃声) is set to release the collection “Kobayashi Akihito no Isshou” (小林アキヒトの一生) for digital streaming and download worldwide on July 7. The surprising announcement dropped on X June 29.

The title “Kobayashi Akihito no Isshou” translates to “The Life of Kobayashi Akihito.” It was originally released as a trilogy of limited edition mini-albums through the band’s official web store. Now, this story will reach listeners worldwide. The three parts, named “Kyuu” (急), “Kyuu” (泣), and “Kyuu” (咎), will be combined into one engrossing collection for everyone to enjoy.

Brief musical teasers showcase a wide variety of classic visual kei sounds, backed up by vocalist Kurui Chill’s uniquely chaotic singing. Take a look at the previously released teaser below, and get a taste of what to expect from the full streaming release.

Kaneto Juusei has a rich discography with a unique take on the classic visual kei sound. A chaotic concoction of vocals is the best way to describe their earlier music, with an assortment of voices swirling around your headphones. On the other end of the spectrum, Kaneto Juusei’s recent music is slow-paced with beautiful melodies and hopeful instrumentals. The upcoming release will feature the recurring character Kobayashi Akihito to tell new captivating stories.

Meet the chaotic ensemble

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Kaneto Juusei’s “Kobayashi Akihito no Isshou” collection to be released digitally