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Released in January 2021, this song is 5th single that was released through online streaming.  It is also included in the EP, “創作, Sousaku”.

The lyrics is like a diary.  It describes the story from the time when cherry blossoms are in full bloom until every petals fell at the end.  It makes us feel the end of spring.  This year, I’ve enjoyed the cherry blossoms in full bloom with my family almost after three years.  Now it’s gone until next year.  We treasure Sakura because it is so rare to have an opportune moment to fully appreciate its full bloom in right weather, at right place, with right person.

高架橋        を   抜けたら   雲     の   隙間   に  青  が  覗いた

koukakyou wo nuketara kumo no sukima ni ao ga nozoita 

Once I passed the overhead bridge, the blue peaked between clouds 

最近    どうも  暑い   から  ただ 風     が  吹く  のを  待ってた

saikin doumo atsui kara tada kaze ga fuku nowo matteta 

It has been warm lately so I waited for the wind to blow

木陰     に  座る

kokage ni suwaru 

I sat under the shadow of a tree

何か     頬      に 付く

nanika hoho ni tsuku

Something fell on my cheeks

見  上げれば  頭上    に 咲いて 散る

mi-agereba zujyou ni saite   chiru 

When I looked up, it was blossomed over my head and fell

はらり、僕ら     もう  息 も   忘れて

harari   bokura mou iki mo wasurete 

Falling gently one by one that made us forget to breathe

瞬き        さえ 億劫

matataki sae okkuu

I spare the time to blink my eyes

さぁ、今日  さえ  明日 過去 に 変わる

Saa    kyou sae asu kako ni kawaru 

Now, even today will be gone tomorrow

ただ  風    を   待つ

tada kaze wo matsu 

I just wait for the wind to blow

だから   僕ら    もう   声  も    忘れて

dakara bokura mou koe mo wasurete 

And we almost forget to say a word

さよなら さえ  億劫

sayonara sae okkuu

spare the time to say good-bye

ただ  花     が 降る だけ  晴れり

tada hana ga furu dake hareri 

Just watching the flowers to fall under the sunshine

今、 春     吹雪

ima haru fubuki

Now it is the spring blizzard

次     の 日  も   待ち合わせ

tsugi no hi mo machiawase 

On a next day, we promised to meet again

花見      の   客     も   少なく       なった

hanami no kyaku mo sukunaku natta 

There is fewer people  out on a picnic to watch sakura

春     の 匂い は  もう  止む

haru no nioi wa mou yamu 

The scent of spring will soon stop

今年      も   夏     が   来る  のか

kotoshi mo natsu ga kuru noka 

Summer will come again this year

高架橋        を  抜けたら    道    の   先   に 君   が   覗いた

koukakyou wo nuketara michi no saki ni kimi ga nozoita 

Once I passed the overhead bridge, ahead of the road you peaked 

残り    は  どれ   だけ   かな

nokori wa dore dake kana

I wonder how many still remains

どれ  だけ  春    に 会える だろう

dore dake haru ni aeru   darou

How many spring will I meet?

川    沿い の   丘、  木陰   に  座る

kawa-zoi no oka kokage ni suwaru 

On a hill alongside the river, I sat under the tree

また   昨日   と  変わらず   今日  も  咲く   花    に、

mata kinou to kawarazu kyou mo saku hana ni 

Again same as yesterday flowers bloom today

僕ら    もう   息  も  忘れて

bokura mou iki mo wasurete 

we almost forgot to breathe

瞬き       さえ 億劫

matataki sae okkuu

I spare the time to blink my eyes

花     散らせ   今   吹く   この   嵐      は

hana chirase ima fuku kono arashi wa 

This storm that blows now and makes flowers fall

まさに   春       泥棒

masani haru dorobou

I call it the spring robber

風    に  今日  も  もう  時   が   流れて

kaze ni kyou mo mou toki ga nagarete 

Winds made us forget the time to pass today again

立つ  こと  さえ 億劫

tatsu koto sae okkuu

I spare the time to stand up

花     の   隙間    に  空、散れり

hana no sukima ni sora chireri

Between flowers sky has scattered 

まだ、春      吹雪

mada haru fubuki

It is still the spring blizzard

今日   も 会い に 行く

kyou mo ai   ni iku

Today again I came to meet 

木陰     に  座る

kokage ni suwaru 

I sat under the tree

溜息      を  吐く

tameiki wo haku 

I gave a sigh

花     も  もう  終わる

hana mo mou owaru 

Flower bloom will end soon

明日 も 会い に  行く

asu mo ai    ni iku

I will go see them again tomorrow

春     が もう  終わる

haru ga mou owaru 

Spring will end soon

名残る   ように 時間   が  散って いく

nagoru youni   jikan ga chitte iku

As if to lament the last moment, the time has passed quickly

愛 を  歌えば    言葉   足らず

ai wo utaeba kotoba-tarazu 

If I sing of love, my words can’t express enough

踏む  韻 さえ 億劫

fumu in sae okkuu

I even spare the time to read the rhyme 

花      開いた 今   を   言葉      如き   が   語れる    もの   か

hana hiraita ima wo kotoba gotoki ga katareru mono ka 

How can I describe the moment when flowers are in full bloom with just a few words?

はらり、僕ら   もう  声   も    忘れて

harari bokura mou koe mo wasurete 

Falling gently one by one, and we almost forget to say a word

瞬き       さえ  億劫

matataki sae okkuu

I spare the time to blink my eyes

花見      は   僕ら     だけ

hanami wa bokura dake

We are the only one out watching sakura blossoms

散るな    まだ、春     吹雪

chiruna mada haru fubuki

Don’t fall just yet   Spring blizzard

あともう   少し     だけ

ato mou sukoshi dake

Only a few flowers left

もう  数えられる    だけ

mou kazoerareru dake

Only the number I can count with my fingers left

あと 花    二つ      だけ

ato hana futatsu dake

Only two more flowers left

もう  花     一つ     だけ

mou hana hitotsu dake

Only one more flower left

ただ 葉  が  残る     だけ、はらり

tada ha ga nokoru dake harari 

Only the leaves remains… and the last one fell suddenly

今、春     仕舞い

ima haru-jimai

Now the spring has ended

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