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Released in December 1975 (almost 50 years ago!), this is one of the best known spring songs in Japan.  It is still popular among all generations and covered by many artists.

The lyrics is written in the form of letter exchange between lovers.  A boy has left the hometown to start to work in the city.  A girl remains in the hometown waiting for the boy to come back.  It has a sad ending but it became very popular because many couple shared the same experience.  Often it is hard to find a job in a rural area so people go to a big city like Tokyo and Osaka to find a job or enter a university.  And as the story tells, it is hard to keep a long-distance relationships.

恋人    よ   僕    は    旅    立つ

koibito yo boku wa tabi-datsu

My dear, I will leave 

東         へ と 向う      列車  で

higashi e to mukau ressha de 

on a train heading toward the East

はなやいだ  街      で    君  へ の 贈りもの

hanayaida machi de kimi e no okurimono 

on a bustling town, a gift to you

探す       探す     つもり  だ

sagasu sagasu tsumori da

I will look for, look for it

いいえ あなた   私        は

iie       anata watashi wa 

No dear, I have

欲しい もの    は  ない のよ

hoshii mono wa nai  noyo 

nothing I want

ただ 都会  の    絵の具 に

tada tokai no enogu ni 

I just want you not to be dyed

染まらないで   帰って 染まらないで  帰って

somaranaide kaette somaranaide kaette 

into a color of a city life, not to be dyed into a color of a city life

恋人     よ  半年       が  過ぎ

koibito yo hantoshi ga sugi 

My dear, half a year has passed

逢えない が 泣かないで   くれ

aenai    ga nakanaide kure 

we can’t see each other but don’t cry

都会  で 流行     の   指輪     を   送る   よ

tokai de hayari no yubiwa wo okuru yo 

a ring that is in fashion around here I’m sending it to you

君    に   君  に  似合う  はず  だ

kimi ni kimi ni  niau     hazu da 

I’m sure it will fit you well

いいえ 星    の  ダイヤ も

iie     hoshi no daiya mo 

No dear, even a star diamond

海   に   眠る      真珠     も

umi ni nemuru shinjyu mo 

or pearls deep in the ocean

きっと あなた の キス ほど

kitto   anata  no kiss hodo 

if compared to your kiss

きらめく   はず ない もの    きらめく  はず  ない もの

kirameku hazu nai mono kirameku hazu nai mono 

Nothing can sparkle brighter than your kiss

恋人     よ いま も   素顔   で

koibito yo ima mo sugao de 

My dear, are you still without any make-up?

口紅         も   つけない  まま   か

kuchibeni mo tsukenai mama ka 

Even without a lipstick?

見間違う       ような スーツ 着た ぼく の

mimachigau youna suits  kita boku no 

I put on suits that will change my look completely

写真       写真     を   見て くれ

shashin shashin wo mite kure 

Please taka a look at my photo

いいえ 草     に ねころぶ

Iie      kusa ni nekorobu 

No dear, lying on the grass

あなた が 好き だった の

anata ga suki datta no

I liked you in that look

でも   木枯し      の   ビル 街

demo kogarashi no biru-gai

But surrounded by buildings with cold winds

からだ  に 気 を つけて    ね   からだ  に 気 を  つけて   ね

karada ni ki wo tsukete ne karada  ni ki wo tsukete ne 

Please take care of yourself  Please take care of yourself 

恋人     よ   君   を  忘れて

koibito yo kimi wo wasurete 

My dear, I started to forget you

変わってく ぼく    を  許して

kawatteku boku wo yurushite

Please forgive me for changing

毎日       愉快   に   過す     街角

mainichi yukai ni sugosu machikado 

Everyday I spend wonderful time in this city

ぼく  は  ぼく   は  帰れない

boku wa boku wa kaerenai

I can’t go back, go back

あなた 最後  の   わがまま

anata saigo no wagamama

My dear, my last wish for you

贈りもの     を  ねだる  わ

okurimono wo nedaru wa 

I want a gift from you

ねえ  涙        拭く   木綿    の

Nee namida fuku momen no 

Please, to wipe my tears 

ハンカチーフ   下さい    ハンカチーフ  下さい

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