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April Fools’ Day has once again arrived and has brought with it some hilarious video game pranks. While most can be found to be fake for a laugh, there are a few clever ones that catch us by surprise and become actual new games or updates to existing titles that are just as wild as the day they are released.

It can be hard to keep track of all the best video game pranks on April Fools’ Day, so we are here to gather all the best ones in this roundup! Let us know which prank is your favorite below!

We’ll also be updating this article throughout the day, so be sure to check back for the latest additions!

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Voices + Nintendo Switch Online Announcement

To kick off the April Fools’ Day festivities, IGN presented to the world the latest Nintendo Direct, where Shigeru Miyamoto revealed all the voices from The Super Mario Bros. Movie would be coming to your favorite games. Yes, this includes Chris Pratt voicing Mario in the original Super Mario Bros., Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong laughing his way through Donkey Kong Country, Anya-Taylor Joy’s Peach dominating the competition in Mario Kart 8, Jack Black’s Bowser destroying everything in his path in Super Mario Odyssey, and much more.

The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog Is a Real Game You Can Play Now

While this technically came out a day early, SEGA had a very special treat planned for Sonic fans with the actual release of The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, a free murder mystery visual novel game on Steam that stars Sonic and his friends.

Among Us Brings Back Horse Mode For Another April Fools’ Day

From March 31 – April 2, Innersloth has brought back Horse Mode to Among Us, which turns player into either a horse or a rancher to compete in two modes – Horse Wrangling Mode and Classic Horse Mode. While the classic mode is very similar to a normal game, Horse Wrangling Mode is a new version of Hide N Seek with the Seeker becoming the Rancher and the crewmates becoming Horsemates.

Overwatch 2’s ‘Very Serious’ Patch Notes Brings a New Level of Fun to Arcade Mode

In celebration of this special day, Overwatch 2 has released some “very serious” patch notes that reveal some new additions to Arcade Mode. Not only are there googly eyes and new hilarious Ultimate Voice Lines, but each Hero has also been buffed in certain ways to make each match more chaotic and fun.

PUBG’s New Bizarre Battle Royale Mode Features Super Powers, Zombies, and a Monster Chicken

PUBG’s latest April Fools’ Day mode is called Bizarre Battle Royale and it brings in super powers, zombies, and a monster chicken that will give you the fight of your life.

League of Legends Will Let You Stack Hats Upon Hats To Get In the Holiday Spirit

If you hate the thought of just one hat on your head, League of Legends is here for you. Until midnight on April 2 in your local timezone, you will be able to “up your hat game in any blind pick match.” This means you can wear A LOT of hats at once.

Become ‘Legend-Dairy’ in Baldur’s Gate 3 and Cheese Your Way Through Encounters

Some online have said you can cheese your way through certain encounters in Baldur’s Gate 3, and Larian Studios took that to heart. To make the community happy, it is happy to announce on April Fools’ Day that an actual wheel of cheese will be a new character and will allow the cheesing to go to a whole new level.

The Razer Razer Is the ‘World’s First Shaving Mouse Powered by Rare Chroma RGB’

If you need more RGB in your life, Razer has your facial hair covered with the brand-new Razer Razer, the “world’s first shaving mouse powered by Razer Chroma RGB.” Not only can you get a perfect shave, but you can do so without ever leaving your computer.

HyperX Cloud20 Is a New Headset That Will Keep You Hydrated by Spraying Water in Your Face

It can be hard to stay hydrated while gaming, and HyperX wants to solve that problem with the new Cloud20 headset that will spray your with water from time to time to keep you as healthy as possible! Oh, and the video is a real winner.


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April Fools’ Day 2023: The Best Video Game Pranks on the Internet