ComingSoon Editor-in-Chief Tyler Treese spoke to My Adventures With Superman Season 2 star Jack Quaid, who voices Clark Kent/Superman in the animated series.

The second season of My Adventures With Superman will premiere on Saturday, May 25, at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim with two back-to-back episodes, followed by one new episode every Saturday. New episodes will also stream on Sundays on Max.

“In the latest season, the three best friends face a host of new threats. Powerful foes will emerge from Clark’s alien past, Amanda Waller will take aim at Superman (Jack Quaid), Lois will grapple with the future, and Jimmy Olsen will spend an unbelievable amount of money. Krypton is coming for our young heroes, and its arrival will test their strength, loyalty, and love like never before,” says the synopsis.

Tyler Treese: Jack, the first episode has some really fun interactions with Superman’s dad via hologram. He’s like, “You brought your fragile human mate here. What are you doing?” He is chastising you. It’s a very funny scene. What did you like most about getting to see that dynamic? Obviously, we don’t really get to see him interacting with his father much since he’s passed away.

Jack Quaid: I loved it. At its core, it’s such a sad, melancholic relationship in the sense that they never really met each other. He’s talking to a hologram, a fragment of his memory basically. The writing on the show is amazing. I love that they were able to bring in a few very lighthearted moments. Very real father-son moments where Clark is embarrassed by his dad. I just think that felt so real to me,, and I feel like it must be to a lot of people just like, “Dad, stop it. I know I messed up.”

Then you have that moment at the end of the episode that’s so heartbreaking when the hologram starts breaking down and Clark realizes that this is really the last time he will ever speak with this kind of shadow of what used to be his dad. So, I just think the writing on the show is spectacular. I was laughing, and I got choked up, and that’s the most you can ask from a writer. Like they just knocked it out of the park for the whole season, I think.

As good as the fights are, the character moments between Clark and Lois have been such a highlight throughout. There are a lot of nice little moments where they seem like just a regular couple. What have you liked most about seeing this relationship between those two develop over two seasons?

Alice and I talk about this all the time in interviews. You don’t really see the show while you’re recording it. You’re kind of alone in a void, and then to actually see it animated with the music. I only hear myself in the booth, and to hear Alice’s performance as well, I get very choked up, honestly, with the Clark and Lois moments. They’re just so adorable, and you just root for them.

I think that we both wanted to make sure that we got that right because that’s such a pivotal thing for these two characters, especially since this show focuses not just on Clark and Superman, but I feel like it splits its time. Equally between Lois, Jimmy, and Clark. It’s that trio, they have so much lore and rich history and dynamics to explore just in and amongst themselves. I love that our show puts a laser focus on that.

You’re playing a character with a secret identity, and he sounds different when he is going all out in these action scenes than when he is just normal, calm Clark. Do you approach them differently depending on which version he is, or is it all the same? How’s your approach to that?

Yeah, I really wanted to make sure we nailed that there was a little bit of a difference between [them]. It would be a little bit over the top, I think, in this show for me to go super deep as Superman, especially since he’s a younger version and just starting out. Now, Lois and Jimmy know that he’s Superman. I mean, Jimmy’s always known, so I’m not gonna take that away from him. He figured it out very early, but now that Clark knows that they know, he doesn’t have to disguise his voice or anything when he’s around them.

So, this season was actually very interesting. I had to make sure that in every scene I know who is in the room when Clark is in his Superman suit. Like, he needs to know how much he should modulate his voice to keep his identity as secret as possible. If it’s his friends who already know, he doesn’t really have to do that so much. Then when he’s Clark, he is Clark.

What I like about this version of the character is that it’s very much Clark-forward. I think deep down this guy is Clark first, and the Superman thing is still something he’s trying out. As he gains more confidence, that voice becomes a lot clearer. I think we try our best to track that as the character kind of grows and becomes more confident in what he is doing and starts to figure himself out more. I think that’s a great question because in every scene, I’m always trying to figure like, “Okay, how much is he covering?” That’s just been so fun.

Thanks to Jack Quaid for speaking about My Adventures With Superman Season 2.

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Jack Quaid Talks My Adventures With Superman Season 2