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Stacks of vinyl’s, with a lone vinyl of Beyoncé’s “America Has a Problem (Random J Mashup)” sat on the floor. An assortment of vinyl’s on the left-hand side are stacked, with each one feature a letter, to spell the word ‘Remix’.

So, for those who are coming to this post who aren’t regulars ‘round these parts, or who don’t follow me on that bird app – I occasionally make mashups. Sometimes I share them. Sometimes I don’t. But this is an instance where I’m deciding to share one. Mainly because after posting a clip of this one on Instagram, somebody dropped into my DMs asking me to share the full thing, and I went and said ‘Yes’. And then they hit me up weeks later like some debt collector, like ‘Where is it?’.

Y’all remember that Family Guy meme with the pills that everybody was using for Renaissance? That is me. I am still playing the shit out of this album. And whilst “Virgo’s Groove” is still undoubtedly my favourite song on the album and that will not change; other songs have been jumping up the rankings and growing on me. And one of those songs was “America Has a Problem”.

I adore me some music from the 90s. So, Beyoncé’s epidemic pussy anthem was always going to rope me in. But whilst listening to breakbeat and Drum & Bass songs from video game soundtracks, I said ‘Wait a minute’. And had a brain wave. ‘What if “America Has a Problem” had this sound?’. And then I had another brain wave. ‘What if I mashed “America Has a Problem” what with “Let Me Be Your Fantasy”? So, I just-

Around the time I had made this, Kelela had released “Contact”, which further fuelled that I was on the right track ,and that there could be an audience that would GET this mashup. Not that any of that really mattered to me. I am always really selfish when it comes to mashups. Because as long as it sounds good to me and I like it, that’s all that matters. Because as weird as it may sound, I never make a mashup with the intent of it being heard by anybody but me. But it’s cool to take a step back and feel that what I’ve made still works in a greater context. And then there is also Renaissance itself, which was Beyoncé reminding people that Dance music has been and always will be Black as hell, and that Black women have always been a massive part of it, and this mashup also plays into that.

If you like what’cha hear, please give this mashup the ol’ thumbs up, share it, talk it about it, all that good shit you do when you like stuff on the Internets. And Beyoncé, gurl. If you come across this and like it, feel free to make it the music to one of your OOTD collages.

AND, I have been on this weird roll of making Renaissance mashups. So, I MIGHT start sharing those weekly.

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Fan Remix: Beyoncé – America Has a Problem (Random J Mashup)