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Even though Mukouda has this unique skill, the series didn’t really focus on his skills, even though it shows him using it very often. The main focus is the food that Mukouda makes or buys using his online supermarket skill. In every episode, you will see Mukouda cooking some dish or buying some kind of food or drink from his online supermarket skill. What makes it more interesting is that one of his ingredients is monster meat, and it is not just any monster meat, but the rare kinds of meat they find from a rare monster.

If it’s not about the food, then it’s the characters, specifically Mukouda, Fen, and Sui, and the shenanigans they went through or Fen and Sui’s shenanigans that Mukouda has to go through. Each episode always has something entertaining to see, whether it is Fen hunting rare monsters that surprised everyone all for the sake of just getting more meat to eat, Sui somehow talking and gaining more powerful skills than other regular slimes, or even Mukouda selling items he bought using his online supermarket skill. Each episode brought in something unbelievable that you wouldn’t think would happen in the usual isekai anime.

We do want to see more of what his skills can do. The anime mostly showed us what ingredients and food he bought, sometimes buying essential items such as shampoo or a futon. We would like to see what things he can buy besides the food items or items related to cooking. At the same time, we understand that this skill, although unique, might be challenging to show how Mukouda can use his skill or what type of items he can buy since, in the end, he is just really shopping online.

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