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We are back to peak KONOSUBA! This episode confirms how I’ve been feeling for the past couple of episodes because while it’s nice to mix things up with new characters and new locations, I still think KONOSUBA excels when it’s just these four idiots interacting with people who know how to get under their skin, from the use of dead silence at the restaurant to the classic exaggerated reactions to just simple trolling. Everything about this episode was on point. I don’t think I went more than a minute without laughing hysterically over the comedy. The funny thing is, not a lot happens in this episode when you think about it from a plot perspective. It’s a breather from everything we’ve gotten in the past couple of episodes, with some foreshadowing towards things to come.

This episode highlighted some of Kazuma’s different relationship dynamics with his party. We’ve done a lot of Kazuma and Megumin content from the movie since season three started. I’m fairly certain the show will lean into them being an official thing since it’s arguably the relationship with the most emotional investment in it. I also like how Kazuma has interacted with Darkness and Aqua in this episode. Kazuma and Aqua have some of the best dumb sibling energy I’ve ever seen. They’re probably the strongest platonic ship in the show. It’s only when Aqua does something stupid on her own that Kazuma feels the need to reclaim the last brain cell to put her in her place, and it’s a fun, natural dynamic that I think feels earned after so many episodes.

While in high society, Darkness needed to act maturely because that’s just the environment that she grew up in. Now that she’s away from all of that, nothing is stopping her from being her masochistic and easily embarrassed self. Her getting interrogated and roasted by Vanir was amazing. I felt sympathy for Darkness but could not hold back my laughter at her expense. She and Kazuma even get some pleasant moments together in a more physically charged way, with it being out in the open that the two do sort of have a mutual lust for each other and Darkness working up the courage to offer a kiss on the cheek as a reward for going out on a quest was also nice. I don’t know if the show is going in a love triangle direction, but if it manages to keep up this level of humor, then I might not mind.

Finally, there is a lot of foreshadowing regarding Darkness’s family and that noble that keeps popping up. We know the noble has some connection to the ancient artifacts he is trying to recover, and his obsession with Darkness gets stronger with every appearance he makes. There’s also the issue of Darkness’s family coming down on hard times and a lot of build-up to potentially worse things. I don’t know how serious things will get, but if things reach a breaking point, how will Kazuma pull everything together to make sure that his favorite crusader doesn’t entirely fall apart?


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Episode 7 – KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! 3