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Pride continues to show us her good heart and we learn more about her abilities in Episode 6 of The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior. It definitely was slower-paced, with this episode focusing more on flower-picking than sword-fighting, but we learned a lot about Pride and this world.

Pride has the ability to memorize something after reading it once. Let’s just add this to her list of talents.

The Fealty Contract, which we’ve seen in the past, is still extremely frightening, forcing one of the signers to submit to the will and orders of the other signer. Though Pride let Val off the hook, I feel like we will see The Fealty Contract in the future with a less wholesome result.

Some commenters have said they don’t think that Pride feels villainess tendencies, but after we see her in court, bluntly talking about the fate of Val the Criminal, she admits that these feelings aren’t true to the nature she originally had before she was isekai’d — and “I really am the cruel and atrocious Queen Pride.” Pride truly believes in 7 years she will somehow bring the Kingdom and her loved ones around her to ruin, still betting on the fact that her villainess tendencies will take over.


She’s just SO good now and combats the negative traits of the villainess so well. I just don’t see it happening, but I guess we wouldn’t really have an anime if it was just flower-picking and reading picture books all the time — or maybe I would thoroughly enjoy that.


Anyway, it’s very clear that Pride continues to fight the good fight and wants her loved ones to know she deeply loves them and appreciates them as much as possible. This episode had a lot of kawaii moments, but I need some action, political intrigue, or twists! This episode was far too fluffy and probably my least favorite so far. It did show us though that this world has a dark side, even our precious Pride may even have some darkness within but will light, goodness, and love prevail? Tune in next week! Also…. Not the episode ending on clashing sword sounds showing a window again o_O…. I was like c’mon animators, at least show us one decent sword fight. Alas. I’ll keep holding out.

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Episode 6 – The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen: From Villainess to Savior