Finally, we have the crossbody bag. This is a new product for me and I think it’s a good idea although it feels a bit more niche. Personally, if I need to take my Switch somewhere, I throw it in my protective case and throw it in my backpack with anything else I need such as my laptop, books, etc.

If I just needed to take my Switch somewhere, this crossbody bag would work as a hands-free solution. It has various ways you can attach the strap to best meet your style and needs (sling, chest, etc.), the main pocket comfortably fits my OLED and you can squeeze a controller (such as the Pikachu Garden one) in as well, the front pocket unzips flat with capacity for an extra pair of Joy-Con and eight game cartridges, and there’s even a small wallet pouch that you can fit your phone into.

To test it, I personally squeezed my OLED, the Pikachu Garden controller, an extra pair of Joy-Con, a few games, and my phone. I tried adding the robust cable that came with the controller, but that appeared to be a bridge too far. I’m sure a less robust cable would’ve worked though.

I do want to say that the extra controller adds a lot of bulk and makes things harder to pack up and I would recommend leaving it at home and instead taking a charger if you can. That will lead to a less bulky and more comfortable bag for your accessories.

I do want to also note at this time that the main pocket is well padded, but it does not have a hard shell layer like the protective case which is not inherently bad, just worth noting.

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