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D=OUT dropped the single Kaguya no Susume (かぐやのすゝめ) on New Year’s Day, available for streaming on various platforms and for purchase on iTunes. Japanese lyrics can be found on vocalist Kouki’s blog, inspired by the ancient folktale of Princess Kaguya.

The story of Princess Kaguya revolves around an elderly couple discovering a child in a shining bamboo stalk. As she matures and grows more beautiful, suitors, including the Emperor of Japan, seek her hand in marriage. However, the story concludes with the revelation that Kaguya is a moon princess who must return to her lunar home. Kouki adapts this tale to convey a theme of resisting fate, aiming to empower listeners.

To mark the release, the band showcased a vibrant new look shot in a glimmering Pachinko Parlor. D=OUT sports their signature colorful, Japanese-style costumes—with the red Japanese textiles, auspicious cranes, and white furs, they look as if they’re off to their first shrine visit of the year.

Vocalist Kouki stands out with a custom-made mask, created by the band’s hair and makeup artist Kayo Inoue. The mask elevates the blues, reds, and golds in the background, lending an ethereal quality to this folklore-inspired release.

To stream or purchase Kaguya no Susume worldwide, scroll to the music entry at the bottom of this post.

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D=OUT’s “Kaguya no Susume” single sparks resilience through folklore