The Atypical Family episode 9 aired on Saturday, June 1, 2024, on JTBC and Netflix. The fantasy romance K-drama, which stars Jang Ki-Yong and Chun Woo-Hee in lead roles, focuses on the Bok family’s struggle to regain their superpowers.

In the previous episode, Bok Gwi-Joo (Jang Ki-Yong) learned that he had saved Da-Hae (Chun Woo-Hee) in the past. Gwi-Joo gave her his family ring, so the Bok family ended up with two identical rings. 

The latest episode 9 shows Gwi-Joo explaining the story of the two rings to his mother, Man-Heum. But she still thinks Da-Hae will bring wrath to his son. Meanwhile, Gwi-Joo’s daughter I-Na (Park So-Yi) is still bullied in school. Her superpower of hearing other people’s thoughts causes her pain as she learns about her classmate’s hateful thoughts about her. In fear, I-Na runs away without informing anyone. When Gwi-Joo discovers his daughter is missing, Da-Hae’s uncle Hyung-Tae (Choi Kwang-Rok) helps him.

The Atypical Family episode 9 spoilers: Jang Ki-Yong discovers why his daughter Park So-Yi hid her superpower

In The Atypical Family episode 9, Gwi-Joo and Da-Hae are unable to locate I-Na. Gwi-Joo is clueless about her hideouts and needs to figure out where to look for his daughter when Hyung-Tae comes to his rescue. For context, Hyung-Tae followed I-Na to find out about her and the Bok family when Da-Hae’s fake clan planned to scam Gwi-Joo.

Gwi-Joo and Da-Hae look for I-Na all over but fail to find her. Eventually, Gwi-Joo’s future self appears in front of Da-Hae and tells her that the child is locked up in the school’s gym locker. When they find I-Na, Gwi-Joo questions her why she hid in that room. I-Na gets frustrated and breaks down in a restaurant’s washroom. Da-Hae follows to comfort her and tells her how she was bullied in school, too.

Da-Hae then advises Gwi-Joo not to question I-Na and only look at his daughter’s eyes. He finds it odd but doesn’t say anything. The father-daughter duo visit a park in the evening. He tries to bond with her, but I-Na continues being rude. Gwi-Joo then looks into her eyes, and I-Na can listen to his thoughts. She hears his father apologizing to her and ignoring her all this time. When the kid answers to his thoughts, Gwi-Joo looks shocked. His daughter then reveals that her superpower is looking into people’s eyes to listen to their thoughts.

When Gwi-Joo asks why she hid the truth, I-Na breaks down and replies, “Because I wished it would go away.” The kid further says that her mother died because she heard her thoughts. Her mother said that I-Na should not have been born. Although it turns out to be a misunderstanding, Gwi-Joo’s heart breaks learning about I-Na’s pain. This is the first time the two are shown to be bonding, thus creating a happy moment. 

The Atypical Family episode 9 ending: Did Jang Ki-Yong confess his love to Chun Woo-Hee?

The Atypical Family episode 9 shows Da-Hae joining Gwi-JI-Na in their I-Na’s happy moments. Before that, Da-Hae visits her fake mother, Il-Hong, and warns her to stay away from the Bok family. She says she will stop being her daughter if Il-Hong continues tormenting Gwi-Joo’s family.

Meanwhile, Man-Heum’s husband, Soon-Gu, leaves the house after she finds a few pictures of him dancing with another woman. It appears that Il-Hong has laid a trap for the couple to dig for money. Towards the episode’s end, Man-Heum has an unsettling dream, and she rushes to find Soon-Gu. When she meets him, Man-Heum looks devastated and says, “Gwi-Joo… He’s going to die.” 

On the other hand, Da-Hae asks Gwi-Joo not to think about her but to protect his family. Gwi-Joo responds that he will give his life to save his family, which includes Da-Hae. He confesses his love to her and takes out his family rings. He puts one on her thumb and another on his little finger. The episode ends with the two sharing a passionate kiss.
But, what about the unsettling dream, and why did Gwi-Joo bring up death? Stream The Atypical Family episode 10 on Sunday on JTBC and Netflix to know what happens next.

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