If you are a DM for Dungeons & Dragons (or really any other game), sometimes you have a bit of a block. You go to design or describe a dungeon and you blank on what you can say to help it come to life.

Ed Button wants to help with D100: Dungeon Dressings. This third party supplement offers a rollable table with 100 possible things that the room causing you trouble could have. This includes things like “Deep, unnatural scratches into the wall” or “A dozen old crates.” This is not a game changing supplement, but it is something that DMs (or GMs of any game) can find helpful.

Looking to build another room (or 10) in your next dungeon crawl? Check out this D100 table of various rooms and things you may find in a dungeon or cave.

You can purchase D100: Dungeon Dressings from DMs Guild (affiliate link) for any price you see fit.

Tommy Williams

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