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A week after Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future, Nobody) made his Star Wars debut in The Mandalorian Season 3 “Guns For Hire“, the actor shared a tweet in celebration of joining the Star Wars franchise. In case you were wondering if Lloyd enjoyed his time on the series, it sounds like he had a great time! He wrote:

“Great Scott! Traveling through space and time has led me to a galaxy far, far away! Thank you to the incredible @themandalorian community for the warm embrace. It was an honor to join this iconic franchise and be a part of the force.”

It was pretty cool to see Lloyd show up, and in this episode, he played Commissioner Helgait, who supported Count Dooku of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the days of the Republic Era. He believed the Galactic Republic was corrupt and saw Dooku as a visionary who was taken out in his prime. When the Republic transitioned into the Galactic Empire, Helgait continued to resist them. Following the fall of the Empire, he had become Head of Security and a commissioner on the planet Plazir-15, having served the Duchess’s family in the past.

He ended up sabotaging a number of droids causing them to malfunction and turn against their owners. Din Djarin and Bo-Katan learn that Helgait is a former Separatist and a Count Dooku sympathizer and discovers that he has sabotaged the city.

I have no idea if we’ll see him again, but I doubt it. It was an interesting role for Lloyd, but I wish it would have been something a little bigger. Regardless, it was great to see him show up in the Star Wars universe!

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