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A lot goes into being elected into a political office, and few can hack it. It is a huge financial burden that becomes bigger when every aspect of someone’s life is scrutinized, from their career to marriage.

For a billionaire, the financial part is not a big deal because of the billionaire part. And since they tend to roll in the same circles, a billionaire is almost guaranteed support from his filthy rich friends.

Whoever said money couldn’t solve all your problems must have been on to something because it can’t stop your marriage from appearing like a sham to a keen observer.

L - Mike and Andy - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

We will dive into the events from Billions Season 7 Episode 2, so if you are yet to get caught on it, beware of spoilers. Otherwise, happy reading!

The hour saw many things happen as two key characters secured major wins while some three lost more than can be quantified.

Chuck - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

Mike Prince prepared to announce his official run for the president of the United States of America. To do that, he worked behind the scenes to line up some things, chief among them finding a suitable campaign manager.

Mike’s primary concern was finding someone good and trustworthy since he had the money part covered.

Babak Tafti filled the role of Bradford as if he was born for it.

When he appeared in his first scene, he felt eerily familiar. Then I remembered that he had played another impressive character on Super Pumped alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Showtime.

Mike - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

As a Billions fan, Super Pumped is another show from Billions creators you might enjoy, where the first season details the early days of Uber under Travis Kalanik.

Bradford was enigmatic, just like most Billions characters are.

Bradford: I have a lot of respect for how you two have handled your relationship. Conflicting ambitions are a difficult thing to manage. And you built a good arrangement.
Andy: Thanks. It worked for us.
Bradford: But the open part of the marriage can’t continue during the campaign.
Prince: We know, but how did you know?
Bradford: My job to know. I heard a whisper and followed it up but couldn’t get it confirmed, Andy’s stuff in the bathroom was a nice touch, but this layer of marital harmony is about one night thick. Things have supposedly changed, but the American electorate isn’t ready for a first couple with an arrangement.
Andy: He’s good.
Andy: So, what now?
Bradford: I need to wade in the murky parts of this with you, and you’re gonna have to let me. I need to know it all.
Prince: We can do that.
Bradford: OK, let’s start with the names of all your partners in the last five years.

Prince wanted him from the moment he walked in for an interview, and by the end, he emerged as the interviewer. Even if he was excited to be in the presence of someone like Prince, he didn’t show it.

He played hard to get, which was refreshing for Prince. He is used to people saying yes, so the possibility that someone might tell him no drove him nuts.

Chuck Rhoades - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

Just a regular day in the life of a billionaire whose atypical existence has led to an inflated ego and sense of self-worth.

Yeah, well, with me, you’ll be paid in cash. And when we win, you’ll be feted as a miracle worker.


Prince Cappers felt the heat of Mike’s ambitions. There was extra pressure to perform because if he would present himself to the people, Mike Prince needed a winning idea.

Everyone tried to give Phillip the “Lady Gaga” idea, leading to a brush with bad tech.

Victor found a bandaid of a solution, but I’m unsure how long that’ll hold. Someone is bound to smell a rat, and based on what happened with Chuck, who’s willing to bet?

Victor - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

Chuck’s luck turned around when he went from being hunted to being the hunter and then took all the spoils.

Chuck knows how to play the power games, which had gotten him so far. We have seen him weather a million and one foes, but this one felt a little too easy.

Sure, he went through hell and high water to secure his old place in the New York legal halls, but it all happened too fast.

I’d have loved to see him and Mahar spar a little, and Chuck take a beating to humble him a little.

Dave - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

He made trips around New York to some old friends and foes, and that man can take a no gracefully. His visit to Jack in prison saw something happen that I’d be embarrassed till kingdom come if it were me.

Would you have preferred to be told no or the absolute rib-cracking laughter Jack burst into?

Wendy, Taylor, and Wags spent a day in Axe’s new life in Europe, and in that time, they all pleaded their cases, and after careful consideration, Axe came back with an unexpected verdict.

I’m unsure about what they expected. Okay, there was a rough idea, and I, too, was surprised.

Ben Kim - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

Rich people are predictable because it all comes down to ego. They will go above and beyond to protect their sizable ego, and it was something Wendy preyed upon.

A lot of billionaires feel they never have enough. That’s the driver? But I’ve learned that there is such a thing as too much. Too much ego, too much power. Prince is over that line.


Taylor eased into it first by reminiscing. It betrayed most of their intention because suspicions about their motivations were rife. They missed the good old days at Axe Cap.

When that didn’t work, they paid him compliments to butter him up.

And that didn’t quite convince him, so Wendy went for the ego. She showed Axe how much he was needed at the firm and how things were in shambles without him (they were just fine, if not better).

Rian - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

She finally appealed to his humanity but nearly had him at the ego things.

And then he stepped away from the noise and gave himself a moment to think. He kept visualizing Wendy leaving and them saying their goodbyes.

It ain’t me, babe. And not because I think you’re wrong about Prince or because I don’t want to be there for you three who have each overtime earned my serious consideration, respect, even love. Because America, the land of the free, isn’t that for me anymore? And I can’t see how it ever will be. Because Prince is only on the ascent and I don’t engage in wars of attrition anymore. Because Chuck is a free man who never relents, never stops, and I remain the one that got away.


It was surprising when he decided he wasn’t joining them. Even after boarding the jet for the US, the shock was still on their faces.

His parting shot was they should help Prince become president, and then he’d leave them to their devices at MPC. But at what cost? If the concerns they raised about Prince (very valid concerns) were truly something they believed, then helping him was not an option.

Phillip - Billions Season 7 Episode 2

What will they do?

Hanging thoughts

  • In my Billions Season 7 Episode 1 review, I wasn’t convinced by the explanation about Axe’s freedom, but now it makes sense. He might have bought goodwill in the EU and the UK, but America still wanted him.

  • Phillip has it. His little game with Dollar Bill earned him much respect from the floor and me. Before, it screamed nepotism, but maybe he has what it takes.

  • Dollar Bill is the epitome of the dinosaur mentality. These people never evolve despite changing times, but his actions made him a little likable in the episode. He will never change entirely, but he has made small changes, and that’s better than nothing.

  • Axe is in love with trading. If it were a charity thing he made no cent from, I’m confident he would remain a trader for the rest of his life. And now he’s passed on the bug to his son.

Are you ready to see who Chuck sets his sights on?

Do you think Axe will reconsider his position and find a way to work with Wendy and the gang, or is this the last time we hear from him?

Hit the comments section with your thoughts.

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