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When a game has multiple endings, that can cause problems for post-ending DLC. Do you canonize one ending, which risks alienating players who chose a different one? Make the story vague enough that it could follow on from any of the endings, which can mean tying yourself into narrative knots? Rewrite the ending and provide a whole new one, like Fallout 3 did with Broken Steel?

Atomic Heart has chosen the road less-traveled. The sci-fi FPS has completely separate DLC for each of its endings. The previous DLC, Annihilation Instinct, sent you back into the mysterious Facility 3826 and built on the lore around its fan-favorite sexy fridge, but the next DLC, Trapped in Limbo, goes somewhere even stranger than that. 

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Atomic Heart’s next DLC looks even weirder, and will be out in February