The anticipation is high for the upcoming Thai BL The Next Prince series. The drama stars the popular on-screen pair, Zee Pruk Panich and NuNew Chawarin Perdpiriyawong. The pair previously appeared in the popular BL series Cutie Pie in 2022. The actors were praised for their impressive performances in the series. Following the drama’s success, Zee and NuNew’s new project, The Next Prince, was announced the same year. After a long wait, the pair’s upcoming drama finally unveiled its official pilot earlier this year. It was followed by The Next Prince’s cast and character posters’ reveal. The drama is now all set to enter production. 

Upcoming Thai BL The Next Prince series holds fitting day

The Next Prince held a fitting session on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. Zee and NuNew were joined by fellow cast members, Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan and Ohm Thanakrit Chiamchunya. The series’ official page on X (formerly Twitter) unveiled the cast’s regal looks for the upcoming royal romance. 

Take a look at them here:

The Next Prince’s storyline follows the life of Crown Prince Khanin Assavadevathin (NuNew). Nin is not aware of his royal status since he was raised by a commoner. One day, his world turns around when a royal bodyguard, Charan (Zee), shows up at his supposed father’s house. The King has ordered him to bring the crown prince back to the nation of Emmaly. To take his rightful place among the royal family, Khanin is forced to abandon the life he has been living. Upon his return, he is told to participate in the royal fencing tradition, which will determine the next king. Meanwhile, Charan stays by Khanin’s side throughout the transition. 

As fans await more updates on The Next Prince, they can check out Zee and NuNew’s works in Cutie Pie. It was available to watch on the Mandee Channel on YouTube.

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Zee Pruk & NuNew Chawarin’s Upcoming Thai BL The Next Prince Series Gets New Update