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OP: 「死んだ!」 (Shinda!) by Masayoshi Ooishi

「勇者が死んだ!?」 (Yuusha ga Shinda!?)
“The Legendary Hero is Dead!?”

For all fantasy is dominated by the cult of large transport vehicles running over NEET children these days, ‘traditional’ fantasy still has its place within anime and Yuusha ga Shinda is here to helpfully remind us of the fact. Morbidly so. Konosuba might be the comedic fantasy of choice this spring, but don’t think it’s only one on tap for your side busting requirements.

Per the RC Preview, Yuusha ga Shinda is effectively old-school fantasy-comedy wrapped in modern production. The world is at peace thanks to the legendary hero Sion sealing the demon gate – only for said seal to have failed three years later and requiring heroic intervention once again. Such intervention takes time, however, forcing the likes of local farmer Touka Scott (Toki Shunichi) to take defensive matters into his own hands, even though such preparation proves moot when Sion shows up to save the day. And die at the hands of Touka’s trap. Oh yes, you know where this heads next. Dead hero? Not happening, especially when resident kusogaki necromancer Anri Haysworth (Taketatsu Ayana) is around to ensure Sion keeps on trucking by literally sealing Touka’s soul inside his corpse as recompense for his actions. The quest for world salvation shall continue until victory is achieved, no matter how ludicrous the setup may be.

The key for Yuusha ga Shinda’s premise is of course the comedy. Besides the ridiculous nature of dead hero being remade from local farmer providing its own barrel of laughs, you can get the first whiffs of what’s coming thanks to Touka’s personality and his relationships. What’s that, lascivious interloper? Oh yes – but we’re talking a man of thighs rather than breasts this time around. Got to admit, while the pervy persona is cliché as hell now, having someone else appreciate the finer things in life (thigh highs are my demise just saying) is a pretty nice breath of fresh air, particularly when paired with Touka flipping the childhood friend script with his close confidant Yuna Eunice (Yamamura Hibiku). Girl chasing guy? Not this time around, here it’s all about the pesky radish lover wanting the little blondie to find love in the one location she hasn’t looked. Easy to guess just what scenes to look forward to thanks to this, but given then sheer chaos at work, I expect it’ll wring quite a bit of entertainment out of the concept before it grows stale.

Helping in the above too is the story at work. Although the objective of having Touka-as-Sion complete Sion’s quest is front and centre, there’s already some tendrils of conflict courtesy of Anri’s necromancy being universally taboo, Touka utterly lacking the magic power required to both maintain Sion’s body and perform basic hero actions, and former hero party members out to take advantage of the situation. Expect lots of struggle, lots of personal discovery, and with the whole ecchi arrangement, lots of slapstick comedy to tie it all together, especially once the real enemies start appearing and forcing Touka’s hand. In short expect plenty of insanity and once this one hits the gas.

While a few more episodes will be needed to see just how well Yuusha ga Shinda holds up, if you need a bit of good old-fashioned ecchi comedy to keep the season fun look no further than this. Cliché potentially, conventional sure, but I for one am quite interested seeing just where this show goes.

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ED: 「可愛くって意地悪しちゃう」 (Kawaikutte Ijiwaru Shichau) by Yurika Kubo


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