Former YouTube vlogger Ruby Franke is currently dominating the headlines due to her ongoing legal battles. The internet celebrity was recently accused of inflicting child abuse on her kids through her strict and unusual parenting ways. This scuffle has also contributed to dissolving Ruby Franke’s marriage with her now ex-husband, Kevin Franke. As a result, fans are eager to know more about the Franke household, including details about Kevin and the couple’s children.

Here are all the available details regarding Ruby Franke’s relationship with her ex-husband and their kids.

Who is YouTuber Ruby Franke’s ex-husband?

Ruby Franke was previously married to her longtime partner Kevin Franke.

The couple reportedly announced themselves to the world in 2015 with their now-defunct YouTube channel, 8Passengers. Through the online medium, the pair used to document their lives as parents, regularly sharing updates from their day-to-day routine.

Their seemingly blossoming marriage hit a roadblock in 2021, forcing Ruby Franke and Kevin to undergo counseling. Shortly afterward, their advisor, Jodi Hildebrandt, suggested the couple should separate if they wanted to salvage their marriage, as per People. Kevin Franke’s lawyer later confirmed this development, revealing to Today in September 2023 that the two had been separated for approximately 13 months.

With child abuse allegations continuing to surround Ruby, Kevin finally decided to file for divorce in November 2023. Despite his prolonged association with the vlogger, Ruby’s ex-husband was not charged with any wrongdoing.

What is Kevin Franke’s age?

Born on October 9, 1978, Kevin Franke is 45 years old.

As per Famous Birthdays, the former 8Passengers regular is a civil engineering professor at Brigham Young University.

How many kids do Ruby and Kevin have?

Ruby Franke and her ex-husband Kevin have six children together: Shari, Chad, Abby, Julie, Russell, and Eve. All the children reportedly fall within the 10 to 20 age bracket.

Franke’s eldest daughter, Shari, notably took to Instagram to celebrate the arrival of police at their house. With her mother accused of treating the kids in an unnatural way, Shari appeared happy to have finally gotten justice.

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Who Is Ruby Franke’s Ex-Husband? Kevin’s Age & Kids