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Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect Rex Heuermann, a 60-year-old architect, now faces six murder charges. In July 2023, Authorities arrested Heuermann in connection with four murders. Initially, he faced charges in the murders of Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, Amber Costello, and Maureen Brainard-Barnes. These found Gilgo Beach serial killer victims had disappeared between 2007 and 2010 and were escorts. Their remains were discovered in December 2010.

The case of the Gilgo Beach serial killer made headlines for the way the victims’ remains were found. The killer had bound them with duct tape or leather belts and wrapped them in burlap. After the discovery, detectives resorted to DNA evidence and phone records to link suspect Rex Heuermann to the murders. Later, authorities found more sets of remains near beaches in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, including those of Shannan Gilbert and Jessica Taylor.

Rex Heuermann now faces charges in the deaths of victims Jessica Taylor (2003) and Sandra Costilla (1993). He remains in prison at the time of his indictment on the new murder charges.

Gilgo Beach serial killer: Which prison is Rex Heuermann in?

According to People Magazine, Rex Heuermann remains in Suffolk County’s Riverhead Correctional Facility. The Gilgo Beach serial killer suspect now faces six murder charges, including Sandra Costilla’s 1993 murder. Moreover, Heuermann pleaded not guilty and is currently awaiting trial for the murders of six women.

Heuermann’s arrest after the discovery of the first set of human remains in December 2010 triggered a widespread search. Then, in March and April 2011, investigators unearthed at least 10 more human remains along a half-mile stretch of Ocean Parkway in Long Island, New York. They later identified some of the Gilgo Beach serial killer victims – Jessica Taylor, Valerie Mack, and Karen Vergata.

CNN reported that detectives found critical evidence that linked Rex Heuermann to the serial killings. This included a Microsoft Word document dated 2000 that was found on a laptop. They believed the Gilgo Beach murder suspect created the document and then modified it several times over the years. It consists of information on the disposal of a body, avoiding apprehension, and not leaving DNA evidence. He allegedly also wrote about the supplies one may need while committing serial killings.

There have been several true-crime episodes that have explored the crimes of alleged Gilgo Beach killer Rex Heuermann, which span across decades. In a press release, Netflix revealed that an untitled documentary series will further shed light on the murders.

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