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Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

I’m knee-deep in Persona at the moment, folks. After Persona 4 Golden popped up in my ‘2023 In Review’ round-up, I thought I’d best dive back in and spend a bit more time with what I deem to be the very best entry. Not only that, but I’ve also procured a copy of Persona 5 Tactica, so I’ll be giving that one a shot over the coming days, too.

I’d like to purchase Persona 3 Portable on the Switch too, but I’m currently awaiting a bit of a price drop. It’s been discounted a few times already, so hopefully another sale isn’t too far off. It’ll be nice to get reacquainted with it before Reload launches in the new year.

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

Well, I went ahead and picked up Outer Wilds on Switch last week and (shock, horror) it’s good! The Nintendo hybrid might not always have the steadiest performance, but the central mystery and all-around good times (most of the time) are keeping me blasting off for more. And more. And more…

I’ve put a good few hours into it over this week and I am hoping to wrap it up soon so that I can go into the holidays with my backlog a little bit lighter. Then again, LEGO Fortnite has also stolen my heart just a little, so productivity on the space exploration front is no guarantee.

Alana Hagues, Deputy Editor

So, despite not loving the DLC, I’ll be playing a bunch of The Indigo Disk just to fill out the Pokédex — I sort of have to at this point. However, finding out that you can’t catch all Legendaries if you don’t play with friends online has soured me a little.

Pokémon halted my Dave The Diver and Grandia II progress so I’ll try and dip into both of those, too — we’re firmly in comfort gaming territory now that we’re close to Christmas, folks.

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

Bit of a departure this weekend. I have started a new “let’s play” project with a friend on YouTube and as such I have and will spend a good amount of time using Nintendo Switch Online emulation suites to produce episodes of our show. So far we have played Ice Hockey, Ice Climber and Balloon Fight on NES and Golden Axe on Mega Drive. I look forward to beginning Super Nintendo episodes next week. Still hope there will be time for a few rounds of Arcade Archives AERO FIGHTERS.

Game of the Week is a bucket list title from my sacred and quite extensive backlog: Grand Theft Auto V. That’s right, I have decided ten years was long enough to wait for the game to release on Nintendo platforms so PC it is. I expect to be playing this all the way into 2024 and at long last properly wrap up the only GTA game I have never played.

Kate Gray, Contributor

Now that my Apollo Justice hands-on is live, I can safely say that I’ll be playing it a LOT MOOOORE over Christmas. I only have, let’s see… 12 more cases to get through, I think? RIP me.

But there’s a game I want to tell you about, because I’ve heard barely anyone talk about it and I NEED YOU ALL TO PLAY IT. It’s called Cobalt Core, and it’s a roguelite deck builder set in space with some of the most charming writing I’ve seen in a game! It’s a fantastic fit for a handheld gaming sesh, and if you like Slay the Spire, Into The Breach, FTL, or just having a really nice time, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. NOW. GO.

Also, LEGO Fortnite. I actually haven’t played regular Fortnite in about a week because of how much LEGO Fortnite I’ve been playing!

There are our plans, but what about you? Drop the game that you will be maining in the poll below and then take to the comments to let us know what else you have on the cards.

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