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Jim Norman, Staff Writer

I rolled credits on Animal Well this week which means I only have about 97% of the game left to complete. I’m planning to do a good bit of exploring this weekend and see how many times I can mutter to myself “Wait, how long have I been able to do that?”

I have also got a real hankering to play some Astro’s Playroom on the other console. Despite it sitting there as long as I’ve had my PS5, I’ve never touched it. I should probably rectify that, right?

Ollie Reynolds, Staff Writer

I’ve been drawn back into the world of Danganronpa, so I’ve been playing Trigger Happy Havoc again. I’m in the market for a PS Vita, so I’ve been scouring eBay quite a bit recently. I’ve got such good memories of playing Danganronpa on my original Vita during lunch breaks at work, and I’m so annoyed at myself for getting rid of it. Stoopid.

Elsewhere, I finally bought God of War Ragnarok on the PS5. I don’t know why I put it off for so long, but goodness, it’s really good so far. The combat is top notch and I absolutely love Ryan Hurst’s performance as Thor.

Alex Olney, Video Producer

Last Christmas, I received NieR Automata: End of YoRHa Edition, and I’m ashamed to say I’ve only very recently started playing it. Naturally I went straight in on the Hard difficulty, and anyone who knows the game will know that that was likely a mistake. After an hour or so of trying I just decided that ‘Normal’ is fine too.

So I’ll be playing that this weekend. That and some Nocturnal (good game).

Gavin Lane, Editor

After dipping back into Tears of the Kingdom last weekend, I’m now busy in the skies above Faron. I’m also eager to get back to Shadows of Valentia, and the talk around Hades II over the last month has me wanting to return to the original and escape the Ol’ Man a few more times. If I remember correctly, I only beat him twice, so there’s plenty more work to get to the proper ending.

I’ve also (fingers crossed) managed to bag myself a free PS4 from a relative, so I’m compiling a shortlist of exclusive last-gen PlayStation games to catch up on. Right now it’s Last of Us Part II, The Last Guardian, Bloodborne, and Spider-Man. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything else truly unmissable I should look out for.

Kate Gray, Contributor

This weekend I’m on holiday, and — don’t kill me, please — I didn’t bring my Switch. But I did bring my Steam Deck. Most of the newer games I’ve bought have been PC exclusives, so it made more sense, even though it’s a lot bulkier.

I’m going to Banff, which means most of my weekend will hopefully be spent outside, but when I’m not outside I might give Slay the Princess a go! I’ve been looking forward to playing it for a long time and just haven’t had the time. I also just bought Sun Haven to fill the farming game-shaped spot in my heart that has been going unfulfilled for a while. I hope it’s good!

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

It is somehow June and I am still dabbing in Unicorn Overlord. With the last continent under the crushing iron fist of my absolute rule, the end game is at hand. It will be of no surprise to tell you I have yet to conquer the final boss from Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown so maybe, possibly this weekend I can put that behind me. I’ve dusted off my 8bitdo arcade stick and will be playing inhuman amounts of Devil Blade Reboot, Astrolancer, Ginga Force and Natsuki Chronicles on PC. When that shmup itch hits, you have to scratch it. And on that note…

My game of the week is Macross Shooting Insight. By far this is the definition of “average shmup” on all accounts but the special physical edition was priced just right for me to resist. Being a huge Macross fan I confess that this is fan service done right. Sadly as you might imagine, the licenced soundtrack is very streaming unfriendly, with copyright notices popping up on every boss fight. Curse you, protoculture!

That’s what we have planned for the weekend, but what about you? Fill in the following poll with the game that you will be maining over the next few days and then slide into the comments to let us know what other titles are on the cards.

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