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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League flopped badly when it launched earlier this year, and it hasn’t shown any signs of turning things around. At the moment, SteamDB indicates that 161 people are currently playing the game on Steam, and while that isn’t the whole picture—Suicide Squad is also available on Xbox and PlayStation—it’s sure not a sign of good things happening.

The persistently near-subterranean player counts has led to worries that WB Games might do a Redfall and pull the plug on planned future updates—although hopefully without pulling the plug on the entire development studio in the process. From a business perspective, it’s not an unreasonable suggestion: Why put however much money a full year of content takes to create (presumably a lot) for the benefit of a few hundred (or even a few thousand) diehards?

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WB Games promises Suicide Squad ‘will complete its currently announced roadmap’