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In recent years, NekoCon in Hampton, VA, has become a hub for Japanese music culture in the southeastern US. In 2024, they continue this tradition by welcoming the musical guest Wagatame (我が為) for their first-ever performance in America.

Wagatame is the solo project of vocalist Mike (ミケ), formerly of the visual kei band Blu-BiLLioN. He will be joined by support guitarist “mag”, also a former member of Blu-BiLLioN, and support drummer KEIICHI.

Formed in 2022, Wagatame blends elements of electro, city pop, and hard rock, seamlessly fusing digital and live band sounds. Mike’s distinctive high-tone voice stands out in every song, becoming a defining feature of their music.

So far, Wagatame has released a mini-album and a single. Be sure to check out the music video for their latest single, JIMON TATOU NIPPON below. The sparkling digital score and Mike’s clear, piercing vocals remind us of the uplifting, fast-paced anime theme songs of the 2000s.

NekoCon 2024 will be held from November 1–3 at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. Recently this convention has featured prominent guests from the Japanese rock scene, including Kouki of D=OUT with HIZAKI of Versailles in 2022, and Yugiri of Daizy Stripper with SARSHI of HERO in 2023.

Now in its 26th year, NekoCon continues to attract a dedicated yet manageable crowd, with last year’s attendance at approximately 6,000 people. Compared to larger conventions in the area, NekoCon provides a more accessible and intimate setting for experiencing Japanese music up close. I recommend it if you are looking for a more relaxed convention experience, with easier access to music-related events and less stress overall.

Registration is now open, and available online here.

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November 01

Hampton, VA🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration

November 02

Hampton, VA🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration

November 03

Hampton, VA🇺🇸 United StatesRegistration

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Wagatame makes US debut at NekoCon 2024